Sunday, December 02, 2007

Catching Up

It has been a very busy time around here. Ms. Fran came home from the rehab day before yesterday. Her daughter and granddaughter stay with her during the day and I go over at 8pm. I bathe her and put her to bed and stay with her till 7AM the next morning. Fran is still getting cards and says bless everyone of your hearts. I read them to her each night and will put them in her scrapbook when I get a chance. We are trying to get the house decorated and ready for our big family Christmas weekend the 14th. The church was short one for handbells so I got volunteered. I cannot read music but hopefully can keep from messing up the Christmas program. We now have half a kitchen floor! Hopefully it will get finished tomorrow and then there are just some small things left to do. Today is my stepson's birthday so Happy Birthday OLD man! LOL I am late posting photos of the cookie cutter I received in a cookie cutter swap. I love it and also got a Christmas towel that I have hung on a door of my hoosier cabinet.I also got my stocking from one of my swap partners. Each item was beautifully wrapped but I couldn't wait to open them and didn't take any before photos. There was also a stuffed raindeer but I had to put it up high so the baby kitty would leave it alone. She thinks its her play toy.
I will try to post some photos of the trees and decorations later. Have a great week!

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