Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hey, From Frosty Dan

Hey, whats all the hammering? What ya doing over there? Did you forget our cookies? Mom I am really really hungry. I really really want my cookie.

Mom seems to be ignoring us this evening. I heard her talking about the new goats coming this week. They are building a big goat shelter but its not near my house so I didn't get a chance to check it out. Mom said the side door for her to use isn't on yet but will be tomorrow. Does that mean she is going to live there too?
Mom finally came and gave us a cookie but she brought her camera with her. I hate when she takes pictures at night cause the flash hurts my eyes. I tried to ask her when the new goats are coming but she was busy taking pictures and didn't answer me. I want to know who they are and if there are any my age to play with or maybe a girlfriend for me and one for Brown Robyn so we don't fight over one. Maybe she will talk to me tomorrow and leave her camera in the house!
Mom was happy she finally got a picture of her 3 guys together. She said everytime she tried one of us would mess it up. She wasn't very happy with Brown Robyn turning his head at the last second but said it was still a good picture. She told me I was looking more and more like my daddy (Nitro) and acting like him too. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. We are almost as big as daddy though and I love bumping heads with him. Sometimes I even win that game.
I hope I grow up to be bigger than my daddy! I think he is almost as big as a buffalo and my goat momma thinks he acts like one.
Do you think I look like my daddy?
I tease Brown Robyn all the time even though he is my twin brother. I tell him he is adopted because he doesn't look my mommy or daddy. Mom says he acts like mommy and should have been called Diva Junior.
We have to be very good around mommy and Aunt Sammi. They are both going to have babies so are very moody right now. I know now you don't tell either of them they are fat!

Don't know why they are so touchy about that but I won't say anything else!

Mom says I have to go to bed now. Its been fun talking to you and if you hear anything about the new goats coming please let me know. I am so excited to have a girlfriend and someone to pal around with beside my brother.


HomemakerAng said...

its looking great over there! and, I want to thank you for the beautiful diaper bag for baby and I WILL POST IT SOON! promise! been pretty busy, not with goat stuff but with children stuff! We bread our Sylvie too, can't tell if it took or not though...

Anonymous said...

Just love all the goats... good thing you gave him a cookie because they looked fat enough that the camera may have been a snack lol.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I read elswhere the hillbilly goats will be coming soon. Your town goats will have to teach them good manners and the ways of Fayetteville's, Goatville.

Lib said...

Hi Peggy, I love this post.All the goats are so pretty.Your place sounds like fun.
Blessins', Lib

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, we Moms do love our photo opps:) The new goat shed looks great!

BTW the picture of Baby Kitty in the napkin basket, made me LOL:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...what a cute post!
What sweet goats you have!

Have a blessed day!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Dear Goat mama!! What good pictures and it was so nice to hear from Frosty Dan this time. He is a nice looking goat!! I thought the first picture he looked like Diva but NO he is his father's for sure!! What a fun post. Sandy

Iowa Gal said...

What handsome boys!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you lived closer so I could come over and see what is going on. Cannot wait to see the new babies.

Marci said...

Peggy, sure hope the new goats work out for you. Are you keeping both the boys and Nitro as well?

How is mrs. Frannie?

Hope said...

Hello Frosty Dan,
What a smart boy you are having learned to use the internet and all and now blogging!! It's just amazing!!

Tell Mom that she really needs to have "guest bloggers" more often. I've enjoyed it!! LOL

Love and Hugs

Terri and Bob said...

Looking good over there! I am amazed at what you know about computers. Could you come and teach me?

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay this was incredibly humorous! I love to hear from goats now and then.

miss*R said...

this is how far I am behind.. I didn't even know Diva was pregnant... where was I ??? head in the clouds as usual.. I am truly a silly goat..
I cannot believe how much 'the boys' have grown!

Rosa said...

Just precious!