Friday, February 15, 2008

No Babies

Sammi has decided to stay pregnant forever. No contractions or anything else. She acts like she isn't even pregnant. Eating like a horse, laying in the sun and teasing Diva. I have a teeshirt and tote bag ready to give to the kids godmother as soon as I have kids photos to put on them. I am also going to do a tote give away to celebrate the new kids if they ever get here. On a different topic Flower, my satin bunny had 9 babies the other night when the temps were down to 21F. She has always been a awesome mom so we weren't worried about the babies. We put in extra bedding for them and left them alone. The next morning William went out to find she had taken the babies out of the nestbox and put them out in the cold on bare screen. All were dead except for 2. William brought the 2 in and I have been bottle feeding them for 5 days. They are like mexican jumping beans. When I take them out to nurse they are bouncing everywhere! One is black and one is gray but I haven't named them yet. I really didn't think they would live after being so cold all night. The first couple of days I kept them wrapped in a baby blanket that I put in our bed under the electric blanket. Now that they are doing so well they are in a small box with bedding and a blankie. We are finally a one cat family again. Whiskers is the only one we kept. He belonged to my mother and I promised I wouldn't find him a new home and keep him. Baby Kitty didn't go far though as the handyman adopted her. We tilled up some of our garden spots today. We have cabbage, carrots, radishes,lettuce and onions to plant in the next couple of days. William is still working on his truck. Please say a prayer that it will be a inexpensive repair and he can get back to work soon. Life here at the homestead is busy, stressful but I wouldn't trade a bad day of homesteading for a month of fun and easy days of city living. Have a great weekend and don't forget to count your blessings!


Rosa said...

Can you give that goat some chili or something? lol Spice her up and get those contractions moving along? giggle. Aw, how sad with the bunnies, but of course we have to trust Mother Nature no matter how hard that is at times. How sweet that you have two. I hope Williams' truck is soon fixed and he will be one the road soon (and out of your hair!). Hang in there St. Peggy! xo

Mary said...

Poor little bunny babes - thank goodness you have been able to save two.
Sorry things have hard lately - hope it soon improves, and with your positive and loving attitude I know all will be well.
Warm hugs Peggy.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

This is my first visit to your blog, your animals are are all so cute. My grandson would love it. I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I have that curser on my blog also but how did you get the advertisment on the bottom of your blog? Mine is on top to the right and I can't move it. I know it's free and all but it's kinda ugle. Thank-you for your help, if you have time.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Poor Sammi...I was hoping that when I came here today i would see new baby goats but bunnies!! How sweet when you take such good care of them. I am in awe of you sometimes, Peggy. What a kind loving heart you have.


Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I had to come by and get an update on the maternity ward! Sammi must really like being pregnant or she just doesn't want to go through labor. You are like the Mother Teresa of animals dear Peggy. I felt so bad to read about the bunnies and then your loving care for the remaining two. If I were an animal I'd want to live at Hidden Haven Homestead!
Sending you love and some sleep,

Hope said...

Hi Peggy,
So sorry to hear about the baby bunnies. I'm glad you have been able to save those two and I hope they continue to grow and do well.
You're such a good mommy!

Love and Hugs,

Alice Grace said...

You are an amazing woman! I just love reading about your goats, rabbits and cats! You make them all seem so wonderful, as I am sure they are! Can't wait to see Sammi's baby, (or will there be more than one?)

Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy, Rosa got in first . I was going to say its time to give them Laxettes or castor oil that will get things moving, only joking let nature take its course,,
Ohhh those poor little bunnies, hope the 2 littles are comming along nicely....

PEA said...

Lol I was going to suggest castor oil too! hehe I have a funny story about sister in law Gloria (who passed away last year) use to always love telling the story of how her first baby was born. She was overdue and tired of being pregnant so she had drank a whole bottle of castor oil. Well, the baby came out...almost flying across the room, it was covered in oil! lol Anyway, I do hope Sammi decides to give birth soon...I'm realllll anxious to start my new job! hehe Awww poor baby bunnies...makes you wonder why she did that, considering she was such a good mom before? I've been feeding a stray cat that's been hanging around here the last couple of months and I would love to bring it inside but it won't let anyone near...I just don't know how it's surviving our frigid temperatures and snow. Will keep my fingers crossed that Sammi has her babies sooooon! xoxo

peppylady said...

I can't imaging tilling a garden spot now we have 2 feet of snow left in our yard.