Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Laboring

Sammi just started about 30 minutes ago into regular hard labor. The past day and night she had some very hard contractions then they would stop. Looks like we will have babies today. She isn't in distress so all I have been doing is rubbing her head and back and talking to her. I spent the night with her and Diva last night. Diva is such a super lamaze coach! She seems to be breathing with Sammi during each contraction. When Sammi would have a really hard contraction she would lay her head on Diva. Diva would sit so still till it was over then turn her head and give Sammi such a sweet look. We have a huge shed so there is plenty of room for them but they chose to be side by side last night. This morning Sammi is ready for her own space and moved to the other side. I was just out of the shower with a wet head and in my PJ's when William took some pictures. Hopefully the next ones you see will be of Sammi and her babies!


Iowa Gal said...

I firmly believe that when animals are brought up by caring and loving humans they are caring and loving. That is why Diva is so loving in Sammi's time of need. You have done a wonderful job there "human mom". Tell those handsome boys hello from Iowa. Pictures of new babies, please.

Hope said...

Hi Peggy,
I just came over to check on the progress. We are having rain mixed with snow today and the temperature is dropping rapidly. I just thought when I saw the weather that if your conditions were the same there then that would be the time Sammi would deliver!! Then I come here and find that she's about there!

How sweet that Diva is taking such good care of her.

I hope you have heat in there with just your pj's on!! :)

Keep us informed!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

How sweet of Diva to help Sammi!! It is like she knows that Sammi is in distress and needs her. That is just amazing. Animals amaze me all of the time. i don't think we give them all the credit that they deserve. I will check back to see if those babies have arrived. sAndy

amelia said...

I've been checking every few hours but now it seems something is happening.

Good luck to you and Sammi. I hope the birth goes well for you both!!

Rosa said...

Aw, best wishes Peggy!!

Kathleen Marie said...

We sure can learn for animals and how exciting...Babies are ALWAYS adorable. I can't wait to see pictures. Fun! I hope you get caught up on your sleep. God Bless!

Annie said...

Poor Sammi, I hope this all over soon for her, Diva sounds so sweet! I hope all goes well for you all!

ps... I love your music it so soothing!

PEA said...

Now I know what the father feels like when he's in the waiting room! Sheesh! hehe Praying that all goes well...brought tears to my eyes to read how Diva was helping out Sammi!! xox