Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Photo is of Diva checking the first of her 4 babies. The goats around here like for me to get a shower, into my PJ's and have a wet head before they decide to go into labor.
Today was a nice warm sunny day that we spent working outside. We cleaned Williams truck out and repacked it for him to go back out on the road the first of the week. We moved some goats around. Checked on our cabbage, onions and lettuce. The rain storm we got last night may have brought trees down but it sure helped our garden grow! The animals are loving the warm weather. Our hens have given us over 20 eggs each day the past week. We moved Diva and her babies back to the goat pen. They are sharing it with Leonard. Sammi and her babies are still at the maternity pen till the babies are dehorned then they will join Diva's family. We won't need the maternity pen again till July for BossyToes and Blinkin. I trimmed the butterfly bushes today, worked on my fairy garden and cleaned one flower bed. Have lots more to get done. We scrubbed the cushions for our patio chairs and swing. They are drying on the clothesline. I plan on getting the wicker set out for the front porch over the weekend. Spring is on its way here. I know we will have more cold weather but the worst such as it was is behind us. It was a mild winter and am hoping for a mild summer without droughts! Ms. Fran had a fairly good day. She was ready for us to put her to bed and when William kept talking to Fran's daughter instead of helping get Fran to bed she told him to hush and get busy! We all laughed and got busy getting her to bed. Nothing really exciting going on but each day is a blessing that I am happy to have. Hope your day was blessed!


Hope said...

Peggy, at least your hair was clean for the birthing!! Baby Josie came earlier than expected and when my son called that night my hair looked like I had dipped it in Crisco. I have very oily hair and hadn't washed it in a couple of days. I could just imagine my rocking chair pics with that hair! I jumped into the shower and hurredly washed it, then had to drive an hour praying I would miss the birth of my grandbaby!!

Sounds like the farm is getting ready for spring! We've had lots of rain the past few days and tornadoes touched down all around us last night. Scary! Like you, I hope we don't have another drought this summer!

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

You've definitely got your hands full. Glad to see Ms. Fran getting some of her spunk back! I must send her another card soon. Give her my best. Donna

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PEA said...

Lol sis, isn't that always the way...wash your hair and either someone comes knocking on your door or you have to go out. Happens to me quite often too so maybe we ARE related! hehe

What a precious picture of Diva checking out her first baby. It truly must be wonderful to watch animal births like that. That's something I've never seen.

Groan...I'm sooo envious of your mild temps and can't believe you have stuff in your garden growing already!! I won't be seeing that until July! Our snow usually stays until at least mid April or so and we can't plant anything until June.

Bigggg hugs to Sammi and my godbabies:-) Love ya sis. xoxo

Nen said...

wow... i wish is were more like spring here!! they're calling for more winter storms this weekend!!

Nen said...
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Mary said...

Happy B'day sweet, smart Melody!

Oh that pic of Diva licking her little kid is so adorable - I blew it up to get all the details - and your hair is lovely too!!!!

deb said...


My kids would love to come see your goats but I can't find your phone number to set up a time. Could you call me or email me? Would 1 o'clock on Sunday be okay? Darn me for loosing your number.