Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Much about Nothing

The past week we have enjoyed temps in the 80's. I set out tomato plants. Planted squash and peppers. Picked lettuce and onions for a nice salad every day. Worked outside as much as possible and enjoyed the sun warming my bones. This morning I go out to feed and milk in jeans, a turtleneck and a sweatshirt! Its. 39 degrees and suppose to be colder tonight. Our highs this week will be in the low 50's. I think if its cold enough to build a fire in the stove then we should at least get snow. But that's spring around this area. Hot, cold, warm and chilly. If you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change except in the summer. Then its hot and humid all the time. Wonder if I could talk William and the goats into moving to a snowy climate? LOL

Have a fire going so will do some housework, laundry and work on dreaded paperwork. The goats have fresh straw in their stalls to snuggle down in. The rabbits have fresh shredded paper to hide in, and the chickens have fresh straw in their nesting boxes. After the nice warm weather this cool air is kinda a shock to them. They just want to snuggle together and sleep. I have been milking Sonya and DiDi twice a day but only been milking Diva and Sammi just a little each day. I started yesterday milking them twice a day. I lock them in the stall while milking but I have these little heads reaching through the slates trying to nurse. They actually try to butt my hands out of the way so they can suck! Between Diva, Sammi and myself we are slowly weaning the kids. They are eating grain and hay really well and only nurse in evening and morning. I am going to have to get busy making cheese since I am getting so much milk. But that's a good thing.

We are getting around 20 eggs a day which we have regular customers for most. That's another good thing. Still waiting on Bonnie to come off her nest so I can see the goslings. Went to gather eggs yesterday and found a nice big black snake curled up in the nest where Sister Sister was sitting. The eggs were gone but I could see where he had swallowed them. I took a hoe and put him in a live trap, carried him down the road to some ponds and set him free. Had to clean the nesting box, put fresh straw and give Sister Sister more eggs to sit on. She is not happy if she isn't hatching eggs. Just another day at Hidden Haven. Hope yours is fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I know what you mean about the temp. We were in the 80's last week and had a light frost this morning and expect a real one tonight.
I also know about those snakes loving to eat eggs and baby chicks. We have all kinds of snakes here too!
That is wonderful you are getting 20 eggs a day.
I am hoping for another fantastic day here on the farm too.
Enjoyed the visit.

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Our weather is like yours.
I really enjoyed your counting Blessings post.So inspiring.
Have a great wk.

Marci said...

What kind of cheeses do you make, Peggy? Do you sell them? Do you have milk customers at all?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Never a dull moment at your place.
Our snow is mostly gone . . . . .again! There is actually a day coming in the next week when the temperature will climb to 18C. (shirt sleave weather!)

I am not fond of snakes. We do not have many here. Another good reason to live here!

My pigs are buy plowing the vegetable garden. They seem to have given up on my "lawn"!

Lady P said...

wow, nothing so exciting going on around here. I feed the dogs, they crap. Usually outside. I feed the kids they....well, you know! We get one decent spring-like day and then this climate sinks back into a late winter. It is very depressing this time of year because it was an unusually long and wretched winter.

Your goats sound like such fun!

Anonymous said...

Love your new look. Missed you alot..just been working. Glad to catch up.

Hope said...

Hi Peggy,
Our weather has been the same here. Last week we were up to 80 degrees and last night down to 35 and going lower tonight! Dogwood winter!! Now we have blackberry to go through and then the heat comes! I love spring but I don't like this up and down weather! :O)

I love your new "springy" blog look too!!


amelia said...

I don't know how you do it...

Donna said...

I would be scared to death of the snake and would have used the hoe in a different way. I hope your garden survives the colder temps.

meggie said...

Peggy, You have a soft heart, to take the snake away. I hope Sister Sister hatches some eggs, Bless her.
Always something new for you.
Hugs, xx

Rosa said...

That sure is a lot about a bunch! Phew. I'm going to go lay down. I'm exhausted! hehe. xo