Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who Turned The Heat Down?

We have been having rainy days but the temps have been in the 70's and 80's...Until today. Today was 60F with tonight going down into the low 40's. That's not that cold but after all that nice warm weather it is chilly! I built a small fire tonight to knock off the chill and it felt wonderful. Ran some errands this morning, did a few outside chores then came in out of the wind and made soap, cleaned the bathroom and made a pot of homestead stew. Hopes of no wind tomorrow so I can work in the gardens and get more mulching done. William delivered in Florida and will be heading for New Jersey with a delivery. Great relief for us to have him back on the road though it means we don't see much of each other. Our hopes are to get out of debt and him home to stay within a couple of years. Keeping my faith in all God's blessings and his plans for our future. Hope you have a blessed week!


PEA said...

Someone turned the heat off here too! Sheesh! It stayed in the 30's here and tomorrow even colder. When I got up this morning there were snowflakes flying around. Thank goodness it stopped...don't think I could bear to see snow on the ground again, had enough of it for 6 months!!

Homestead stew...do you have a recipe??? I love any kind of stew. Perfect meal on a cold day:-)

I can imagine how hard it is for both of you when William is out on the road so I pray that your dreams come true in the near future...you deserve it, sis!! Love ya! xoxo

Marci said...

Your house is like a little doll house. I love peeking around inside. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bathroom:) Glad he made the trip safely. We are hoping to pay off our debts before settling down for good also. With God anything and everything is possible! Have a blessed day

Jo said...

It got down to just a degree or two above freezing here last night. I am keeping my fingers crossed, holding my breath and sending up many prayers that we don't have any hard freezes. Every thing is looming ar ready to bloom and I would hate to see a repeat of last year.

So glad to here that William is back on the road.

Have a blessed day Peggy>

Mary said...

..........of course I mean William, sorry aboout that!! My mind is fuzzy this morning and I had 'Dan' on it - the guy I need to call about something!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awsome time. Thanks for the sweet words and prayers.

Anonymous said...

We were cold here last night too! 37 degrees. A record low. I hope to get more mulching done today also.
I love your pictures. It looks like home.

HomemakerAng said...

LOVE THE BATHROOM! love all of your angels! and the sink is so sweet!