Sunday, June 29, 2008

Below is a email that was sent to me that I want to share with you. This young man was killed not far from my hometown.

A young state trooper was killed in Haywood County, North Carolina Tuesday. Trooper Shawn Blanton left behind a wife and son. His son, Tye, was born 7 weeks premature and has been in serious condition since his birth May 31st. Tye was placed on life support this afternoon and is now very critical. The NC Highway Patrol is asking everyone they can possibly reach to please remember Shawn's son in your thoughts and prayers. If you feel led to do so, please pass this prayer request along. For the service, dedication and commitment that Shawn displayed and these folks show us every day, this I can do.Thanks for your prayers.
Julie K. Conway Office Administrator
Antioch Baptist Church 828-627-1200
I want to also ask you to keep my brother Don in your thoughts and prayers. He will be having surgery again next week for cancer. He has been doing great after his last surgery and treatments partly because of all the prayers and thoughts for him.

I have received 2 awards this week from 2 Philips! Thank you guys so much for thinking of me.
Tossing Pebbles gave this award:

Crystal at Memoirs Of A Mommy created this award in honor of the donor that saved Noah's Life. Noah is her son and he had a heart transplant when he was under one month old. He just turned one earlier this month!! Her hopes are that in passing this award around, we are creating more awareness of the importance of organ donation.

City Mouse Country Mouse gave me this award:

Here is what Phil had to say:

Peggy is the kind of country person that I always feel I should be striving to emulate - She's doing her thing, she's an individual, and everything is done with kindness. Hidden Haven is a really neat look into her world of living simply, raising critters, and enjoying the land.

Thank you guys! I get so much from both your blogs. The photos you share. The ideals, information, and dreams are a inspiration.

Lastly I want to share a video that I got from Jules blog. This will bring you to tears but in a wonderful way.

Have a Blessed Day!


Juli said...

We're sending much healing and making many prayers for Shawn's family and Don and his family.

I agree with everything Phill said! every word of it.

And you will always be welcome in my home. Always :)

miss*R said...

Peggy, out of all the blogs that I read, I think yours is one that deserves every award!! You are the kindest person that I know. sending blessings to you and keeping those mentioned in my daily prayer xoxo

Lib said...

Hey Peggy,
Will be praying here!
COngrats on your awards.
I agree 150% with Phil.
You are an Angel!:o)

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the awards, you have a nice space here and truly deserve it!

City Mouse said...

We're quite a little community, I think. I know that there are different blogs and different "regulars" at each of our blogs, but there is A LOT of crossover, and a lot of that connectivity and community building is due to you, Peggy! So I reinforce what I said above!

Eve said...

I agree with all they said. It takes so little effort to be kind, but so few people take the time. Very touching video. Thank you.

Linda said...

What nice words, how wonderful.

Thanks for your kinds words about my blog, they meant alot.