Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just A Lazy Sunday

The goats are recovering from their party so are being very quiet. Was no pushing and shoving during feeding time so wondering if they have hangovers this morning. No baby goats yet though none are really due till the 6th of July. ViVi had hers early so I was thinking maybe with the heat BossyToes or Blinkin might want to surprise me. I keep going out several times during the night even though I have the baby monitor on. These Tennessee mountain goats aren't like my sissy city goats. They just stop eating for a minute. Pop that baby out and go back to eating. Diva and Sammi have to have bedrest and be catered to for a week before they go into a crying, moaning labor. Going to have to have a talk with those girls! Willow is growing and so cute. He is trying to run and jump but hasn't gotten it down pat yet. When he stands on 3 legs so he can scratch his head with the other one he falls over. He is adorable. Killer and Sister Sister are doing wonderful with their chicks. I have to endure Killers bites when I feed and water. She is just so sure I am going to take her babies. The 4 eggs that Sister Sister had left in her nest when she came off with her babies have hatched. Well all but one. We put the eggs under Dorthy who is sitting on duck eggs and a couple of chicken eggs. When the chicks hatched I moved them over to Sister Sister. One of the chicks has a bad leg so I moved her back with Dorthy for now. Not sure where I will end up putting it. Picked tomatoes and cukes this morning. Its suppose to storm all afternoon so I am going to do a few things outside then spend some time cleaning, dusting, folding clothes, etc. The house needs a good cleaning and I really really need to get back on the paperwork. Hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday. Count those blessings!


City Mouse said...

Sounds like a lazy Summer Sunday at Hidden Haven. (You paint quite a picture.) Wonderful to have toms and cukes! Mine are just about ready, but I haven't picked any yet. Glad the babes are giving you a break. No hangovers, I hope, LOL.

BTW - I gave you one of those silly blog awards. You were on the top of my list! Come on over to my place - I got a weird little statue for ya!

miss*R said...

I have been reading back! what fun.. and of course, Diva is the ONLY one who can wear a tiara.. it all started with her...she is gorgeous as always. A true matriarch!!

Pony Girl said...

That is so cute, that they enjoyed their party but had no hangovers! ;) You obviously have fun and love your goats.
Did the storms ever make their way over?