Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Day of Pictures

Even with the killer temps we are having I have gotten a zucchini, 4 squash, 6 cucumbers, 10 peppers and 4 tomatoes from the garden so far. Everything seems to be dealing with the heat.

Baby bunnies have their eyes open now and running around. Momma Bunny takes both her front paws and smacks your hand if you pick up her babies. She does the same thing when you put them back. I can't understand bunny talk but I am sure whatever she is saying isn't very nice.
On my way to the post office I saw a huge dust cloud where they are building a Lowe's (yipee for a lowes nearby). When I got closer I saw what was making the dust cloud. A helicopter was being used to lift the heat/air units to the top of the building. I wasn't the only one taking pictures so didn't feel bad about stopping in the middle of the street for a couple of seconds.

Here is a photo of Corky and her husband Milton. They were the couple that were so kind to William when he was stranded in MO. They drove 45 minutes to pick him up and take him to their farm for a few days. William fell in love with their little goat and their grandson. He still talks about what a wonderful time he had with such wonderful friends.
This is the only photo you can get of Diva. She comes out to be milked and just started eating again yesterday. She is still grieving and angry with me. She will let me milk her but not pet her or scratch her head. She didn't even come out when I gave them all cookies. Monday afternoon feeding and yesterday was very hard to deal with. Not seeing Nitro waiting at the fence for me breaks my heart. I know it will get easier and Diva will soon forgive me but I also know we won't ever forget.


Lady P said...

It is heart-wrenching to see Diva mourn Nitro. The circle of life goes on but it hurts like heck!! Your grief cuts right through your post.

I wonder just what Momma bunny is saying? Smacking not only when you lift a baby but when you set it back down...hmmm; perhaps giving you a piece of her mind!

You are in that heatwave? We have had 1 hot day; 2 days ago. With the humidity it was hard to bear; being early in the summer and rather unexpected. It did make me hustle my butt and get my flower garden in before the serious summer heat settles in!

Lib said...

We've had a bit of a cool down:o)
Another great post. Enjoyed the pics. Thanks for sharing.:o)
Have agreat day!

Marci said...

Poor Diva. She will soon be warming back up to you. It is amazing the bond that animals can get. I know you are hurting too my friend.

Rachel said...

Your squash plant is lush and lovely.

It's wonderful that such great folks came to help William!

Poor Diva. I know you all miss Nitro so much. Such a sad thing to have happened to him but he was taken such good care of. It's a blessing that he belonged to you and had such wonderful and loving care.

Jo said...

Bless your heart, your plate has been more than full here lately. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your right, time will ease the pain for all, even poor little Diva.

Hugs all around Peggy.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

People think that animals do not have feelings well they just do not understand then do they? Poor Diva..she will be back soon. Just let her work it all out!! I am still so sorry but like someone said, Nitro was in a great place that loved him and not all animals are that fortunate Sandy

Anonymous said...

((((((((HUGS PEGGY))))))))))))
(((((((((DIVA too)))))))))))))
Hope things start to grow even more in the garden. The bunnies are cutie pies:)
Missouri has some pretty friendly people there. I can't wait to get home:) It's nice when you get help when you never expect it:)

hillbilly2be said...

I love the huge orange flowers on the squash. This morning, our pumpkin had quite a few, and I watched a bee climbing way down in and back out. Forgot the camera. :)

I enjoyed your pictures. The rabbits are very cute.


Juli said...


Diva doesn't blame you at all because there's nothing to blame for. She's only grieving in her own way. Diva loves you greatly and I think she hurts for you as much as she does for herself.

Love and healing and strength jujus for all of you

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome. I am using my lotion under my makeup.. hope that's okay hehe.
I also bathed my puppy Jersey in it lastnight. Might need to add a pet line =)

JoyceAnn said...

Those bunnies are sooo cute ....

Will pray for Ms. Diva , she sure looks sad.

~ Warm Hugs to you both ~ JoyceAnn

PEA said...

Gosh, Sis, I can't get over how ahead of us your garden is. As you know, we just planted ours yesterday so it will be a month of so before we even have anything to eat from it!

The bunnies are all so adorable, wish I could bring one home:-) I'm still feeding that stray cat and he's starting to trust me more, doesn't run as far away when I come out! lol

Wow, what a photo op to see that helicopter! There were a few bush fires around here last week and the helicopters were forever going around checking them out.

Poor Diva...people who say animals don't mourn are so wrong. She obviously is mourning Nitro. Big hugs, Sis. xoxo

City Mouse said...

Seems like the heat wave treated you well, at least with the veggies. Congrats! That's a good amount of food so far.

So sorry for Diva - I'm thinking of her.

Nancy said...

Our cat, Lady SpitFire morned the loss of our dog, Brain for almost 2 years. She spent much of the first year laying on a cushion watching the doggie door, expecting him to come it. She would even go to the flap and hit it, as that had been his signal to come in. She's just now beginning to groom herself.

Anyone who thinks animals don't love and can't morn has no idea of the depths of spirit they have.

I'm glad Diva will have the rest of her goat and human family to help her go through her morning.

cindee said...

I am so sorry for Diva. Animals do grieve it is so sad to watch. There is not much you can do but give her lots of hugs and love.

miss*R said...

I tell you Peggy, I think Miss Diva is half-human!! xoxo

Mary said...

Gosh, your veggies make mine look sick! We've not had a drop of rain in almost two weeks again and can only water Wed. and Sun. for a few hours - don't think I will be having much a of harvest this year! Off to the Farmers' Market instead!!!

Poor Diva - I'm hurting for her in her loneliness - but know you will take care of her.