Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nitro (part 4)

Poor Nitro was in shock. First Diva told him he was going to be a daddy again, then Brown Robyn told him that he was going to be a granddad. Brown Robyn and Sammi were going to be parents. Nitro had a talk with Sammi about going after younger guys but in the end he gave them his blessing. He had just gotten use to the ideal of having more kids and his son becoming a dad when Frosty Dan gave him his news. Frosty Dan and ViVi had been courting for a little while but Nitro didn't think it was serious. Well, he was wrong cause Frosty Dan and ViVi are going to be parents too! Nitro just couldn't seem to take all this in. For the longest time it was only him, Diva and Sammi. Then the boys came and he really loved and helped take care of them. Even after they grew up he spent time teaching and playing with them. Then mom brought 8 more goats to the kingdom and things got really busy. Nitro was just going to have to do some thinking and planning on the best way to be King of this ever growing kingdom. And was it ever growing! Diva surprised him with 4 babies at once!
Nitro couldn't believe he had 2 more boys and 2 girls. He was very proud but worried about taking care of his even bigger family. He was also trying to teach Brown Robyn how to be a good, loving, responsible dad. Nitro's days were getting to be very long and busy. Just when he thought things were under control and he could rest Brown Robyn and Sammi had 4 babies too!
Sammi had a rough pregnancy and hard labor. She was going to need time to recoup. Nitro told Brown Robyn he was going to have to step it up and take care of all his babies till Sammi was better. Nitro even made sure to check in on Sammi each day to see how she was doing. Having 8 babies in the kingdom meant 8 more mouths to feed and 8 more to watch over and care for. Nitro was starting to feel tired from all the added responsibilities. He still had Frosty Dan and ViVi's baby/babies to look forward to July 6th. Nitro never dreamed his kingdom would become so populated. Sometimes he missed the days when there was only 5 goats in the kingdom. But then when he thought about all his goat family now he wouldn't have it any other way. Each one was special in their own way. He could count on Leonard to watch over the boys and help guide them. He could count on Blinkin to keep an eye on and mother the young does. DiDi and Sonya were like sisters to him and were always there willing to help him. Bridie,BossyToes, and Blanche made him smile as he watched them run and play. They could outclimb any of the boys and he loved them like they were his own kids. They were real good about listening and obeying him. Yes, Nitro was very blessed to have such a wonderful happy kingdom. He was going to stop worrying about every little thing. He was going to relax and enjoy life. He was going to play with his kids and grandkids. That is if they would stay awake long enough

Nitro would dream about all the fun adventures waiting for him and his family. Life was going to be busy but fun he just knew it. Seems the kingdom was going to be even bigger! Blinkin and Leonard were going to be parents again and Brown Robyn decided to find a younger woman and courted BossyToes. Blinkin and BossyToes were going to have babies in July. Nitro decided he had better start training the boys to help rule the kingdom. It was getting way too much for him to handle alone.

The winter was cold and wet. Nitro thought he had a cold and he felt so tired. Mom thought he had pneumonia so she started treating him with penicillin. He lost weight and wasn't eating right but soon it seemed the treatments were working and he started to feel better. Nitro just couldn't seem to bounce back quickly. Mom gave him extra feed, vitamins, medicines and soon he started eating better. Everyone thought Nitro was getting well. They were all so happy! He started to play a little and want to be scratched again. Mom was so glad Nitro was feeling better. Spring was arriving and the cold weather was gone. Now Nitro could lay in the sun and just rest and watch over his kingdom. Dad showed mom a spot on Nitro's check that was swollen. They thought he might have a impacted tooth or jaw problems. After talking it over they decided to make a appointment for Nitro at the NC State Vet Hospital/School. They wanted the best care possible for Nitro and they knew if anyone could find out what was wrong and fix it that hospital could. Mom kept Nitro on another round of penicillin and the swelling seemed to go down. She had high hopes it was a impacted tooth and even told Nitro that. Nitro just wanted to be scratched and talked to. He was worried what the next adventure was bringing his way.... to be continued.


Rachel said...

Oh that Nitro has had a sweet life thus far! The goat kingdom really has grown since he first came there!!

meggie said...

I read with such a sad feeling Peggy.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Peggy, hope your copping well.your post just oozes love for Nitro and all... Oh how Nitro's kingdom has grown with his Babies and Grands.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a great story...I love it continuing as you have been doing but i feel sad after this one...Like I knew that I would..


Lib said...

I'm Loving your story, i know it will have a sad ending. :o(
I hope you're coping ! So hard to give up our furry kids!
Have a great day!

JoyceAnn said...

Such a Sweeeet story , but not sure I want to hear " THE END ".

You're in my thoughts and prayers , Peggy.

~ Blessings to You , William and the King of Hidden Haven (Nitro) ~


Kathleen Marie said...

They are so super cute! What a legacy Nitro has!