Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nitro (part6)

After the heartbreaking goodbye to his dad Nitro went back to talk to Diva. He finally got her to eat a little while they talked. For just a moment Diva was angry with her human mom. She looked at mom wanting her to do something. She had always taken care of them before. Why couldn't she do something for Nitro? But Nitro talked and comforted Diva. He explained that there was nothing anyone could do. They needed to enjoy the short time they had together. They needed to decide who would watch over the kingdom when he was no longer there. Of course Diva would still be the queen. She had held that position from day one and doing a fantastic job. After Nitro, Diva and Sammi had a long sad talk it was decided that Brown Robyn would take over when his dad was gone. Nitro ask Leonard to be Brown Robyn's mentor. With Leonard, and Frosty Dan there to help Brown Robyn, Nitro knew his kingdom would be just fine. Nitro was feeling really tired. The heat was taking a lot out of him. His coughing was getting worse and he was even coughing up blood. His time at Hidden Haven was soon going to end. He had so much he wanted to do. So much he wanted to say to his kids and grandkids. He wanted to take one more walk over all his kingdom.
So Nitro started out by walking by the chicken pen. It had been a long time since he had checked on everyone there.John Henry and the other roosters crowed with pride announcing the kings arrival at chicken land. Fred seemed to know that Nitro was visiting him for the last time. He spread his feathers as a proud salute to the king of Hidden Haven.
The chickens all tried to get as close to the king as they could. They were sad but honoured he came to say goodbye.
The geese and ducks were in awe of King Nitro

Nitro felt so proud of Hidden Haven. His kingdom was filled with love for each. That was the one thing Nitro wanted to accomplish as king, love for one another no matter what species they were. He was so glad he had taken this last walk around the kingdom. He wanted to stop by the nursery.
The kids were excited. Nitro took time to speak to his kids, grandkids and the 3 little dwarfs. He made sure to give a nuzzle to each one as he tried to keep a smile on his face. He didn't want the little ones to know he was sick. Nitro was getting very tired but he wanted to see Brown Robyn, Frosty Dan and Leonard before he rested.
The 3 of them knew Nitro was very sick. They listened to what he had to say. Frosty Dan and Leonard made sure he understood they would be there to help Brown Robyn as he ruled Hidden Haven. Frosty Dan told his dad he loved him and was sad Nitro wouldn't be there to see his and ViVi's babies. He promised to tell the kids all about their grandpa and the stories he had of growing up as Nitro's son. Brown Robyn waited till the others were finished talking before speaking to his dad.
Brown Robyn told his dad he was honoured to be chosen to watch over Hidden Haven. He also told him he would give that and everything else up if it would keep Nitro there with them. Robyn told his dad how much he loved and respected him. That he hoped he could be half the ruler that Nitro was. Nitro thanked his son and told him how proud he was of him and Frosty Dan. That he would always watch over them. As Nitro walked away he turned for one last look at his sons and best friend. He felt good knowing they would be there to watch over the kingdom and keep his memory alive.To be continued.....


Kelley said...

Peggy, this is such a beautiful and loving tribute to your beloved Nitro!
I have always loved goats but haven't blessed as of yet to be a proud owner.
After every post I have to dry my eyes, so I can't imagine how hard this is for you!
I think of you and pray for you!

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit, I was sobbing..
Darn, sad story and hard when you love animals to have something happen to them..

Lib said...

How sad, but also a great tribute to Nitro!You can feel the Love Ya'll have for each other.:o)