Sunday, June 15, 2008


Last night I heard thunder and went out to make sure the hay was covered and to put a tarp over one end of the rabbit pen. While outside I could smell the rain that was to come. It wasn't long till the lighting and thunder were right on top of Hidden Haven. I went to bed and read while listening to the storm. After it passed the rain stayed and we had a nice steady rain all night. This morning right when it was time for me to feed and milk another storm came through. I just put on my rain jacket and went about my chores. The goats do not like getting wet so I had to change where I feed them. Also Sonya has learned how to open the latches on the gates and loves to let the pregnant goats out with the rest of the ladies. I can't feed till I put everyone back where they belong. It was my fault as I had forgotten to put the wire through the latch so Sonya can't move it. Got the goats fed and enjoyed watching the geese and ducks while I fed as they were loving the rain. The chickens didn't seem to mind the rain as long as I had plenty of food. The bunnies and their babies were all able to stay nice and dry while they ate their breakfast under the tarp. It was slow going on the milking as I have arthritis in my fingers and the rain had them swollen and painful. Sonya and Sammi are very easy to milk as they have small teats but Diva has large ones and gives way more milk than the other two. With Diva she will stand still as long as she is eating. You milk her fast because when the food is gone she will not let you milk her without a fight. This morning I just made sure she had a lot of feed before I started milking. This afternoon she actually stopped eating and stood still for me as if she knew I was having a rough time. Sometimes Diva can surprise me by not acting like a Diva. Sunday's are the days our hired hand has off so the animals have to wait their turn for feed and fresh water. The baby goats start crying like they are starving the minute they see the kitchen light come on. The boys see me feeding the babies and they start crying like they haven't been fed in a week. I am sure my neighbors wished the goats would sleep in at least one morning a week. Sunday's are the days I really take my time and check the animals. If they need any vaccines, worming, etc they usually get it on Sunday's. Today I gave the pregnant goats their CDandT vaccine along with vitamin E and worming. This is getting them ready for delivery next month. I also got the baby monitor out and will be putting it in the stall so I can keep check on the mommy to be's. I fed small amounts of hay this morning since I had to feed them in their stalls but went out at lunch time and fed them more. This evening they got to eat in their usual feeders and gather round the hay troughs to gossip. It might have been a wet muddy day but I loved knowing the rain helped the gardens and just made everything look green and smell so fresh and clean. I hope your Sunday was filled with fresh smells and beautiful sights! Happy Father's Day to all the dads. My dad passed away almost 9 years ago but I know he is watching over me and am blessed to have been his daughter.

2 of my grandchildren (Quintin and Gabby) are saving coke points to go to Dollywood. If you aren't saving them and would like to pass them on to the grands you can email the points to :
gabball2000 at yahoo dot com They are also saving Pepsi points for DVDs. I promised I would try to help them by passing the info. Thanks!


Kelley said...

I hope that you aren't getting torrential rain but just enough to make things green and lovely!
We could sure use the rain around here!
Wishing you a blessed week ahead Peggy!

peppylady said...

I didn't know that Nitro pass over. I can offer you a hug.

We haven't yet had a thunder storm yet this year.
Actual this june been cooler and wetter then last.
Everything around here is blooming away.

meggie said...

I spent a wonderful weekend sewing.
It is great to see you have had some rain.
You are so kind to all your animals. I am sure they all love you.
Hugs Peggy.

Juli said...

I love the smell of rain :) we're supposed to get some here today as well.

Lib said...

You sure stay busy!We may get some rain today ,then cool down for a few days:o)
Have a great wk.

Jo said...

We have a seepage well and haul our water in. Because of this any watering the plants get comes from the rain barrels and my watering can or from the clouds passing by. I have been lucky with the rain lately. Just about time to drag out the watering can and give everything a drink of water from the barrels, the clouds have opened up and taken care of it for me.

Isn't it wonderful to drop those little seeds in the ground and watch the green start breaking the ground and popping their little heads out?

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am glad you are geting some good steady rainfall. Hopefully this year you will not suffer a drought.

We have been having rain (the tail end of the mid West weather without the flooding.) Everything here is lush and growing. I hate cutting the grass twice a week.

Donna said...

Glad you are finally getting your rain but sorry it brought on your arthritis.

JoyceAnn said...

I'm so thankful we were blessed with rain this weekend too. My garden was starting to look awful.

My hubby drinks the 2 liter diet mt. dew , do they have points ?

~ Green Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

Juli said...

Peggy, will you post some pictures of your goldfish pond ?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a rain, but we sure do need a good one down this way. It is so dry.
Your garden is looking wonderful as are all the animals.
I hope you have a good week.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey Peggy!! You are so busy...makes me tired reading your blog but I always love reading it too.
I am glad that you got rain..would you send some here to Savannah? We got a small amount Sunday. We had not had rain forever but that was not nearly enough. We need tons more!! it just seems to soak in here.
Have a great day. Sandy