Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I Have A Hard Time Getting Anything Done


Lib said...

How Cute! ANd oh so True. You get caught up then its time to do inside !
Have a great wk.

Kelley said...

Bless your heart!
But what a great excuse Ü

PEA said...

Hello dear Sis of mine:-)

Finally catching up on all your latest news...I'm so glad to hear that you got some much needed rain. It's been raining all day here and we're supposed to get rain the rest of the week so I'll be water logged soon! lol

Yup, I can see now why it's hard for you to get anything done! LOL Love the pictures, too precious. Sounds like life at Hidden Haven Homestead is busy and happy as usual:-) Love you Sis. xoxo

Marci said...

I think it is funny that she opens the latch. Now, I know why they sell "goat-proof" latches. They must have heard about Sammy!!

Pony Girl said...

Hee! Great pictures and captions.
My sister's goats are often tied out for grazing. But they always love running back to their pasture gate at the end. Any gate they see open, even the one to my horse's pasture, they want to go IN. It's the funniest thing! They like their space, it must be their security.

Anonymous said...

Goats are clever little biddies aren't they Peggy:) I would rather sleep then pay bills too HA HA:) Have a great week!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Peggy, I love your pictures of all of your goats.How did you add captions into your pictures?? How cool.. have a good day. baba

Anonymous said...

so sweet.. our furry friends are worse than kids aren't they?
I wanted to tell you the goat soap sure is keeping Jersey my furry baby white and pretty.

meggie said...

Goats, like most animals, are very clever!!
Lovely photos.