Monday, July 21, 2008

No Photo Day

Today has been a very hot (100F) very humid day. As much as we tried to make it a nice relaxing cooling day it didn't happen. After morning feeding and a breakfast of french toast the boys headed to the pool to cool off. Woody decided he wanted a buzz cut so I gave him a haircut. He said he felt lighter and cooler. The boys got back in the pool in time for our hired hand to come get them. He had accidentally left the gate unlatched so the goats and chickens got out. Spending a while catching and putting them up had them all hot and sweaty so back to the pool they went. I fixed lunch and after they ate we went and picked up rabbit and dog food. Back home had the boys building up their bonfire in the heat. Of course they got hot and had to go in the pool to cool off. (thank goodness for that half price sale on pools at walmart) We did the afternoon feeding and milking and the boys rode bikes for a few minutes then back in the pool. They came out to eat hamburgers for supper and now are playing scrabble. We are all hot and tired. Tomorrow is suppose to be another hot day with thunderstorms then we are suppose to get back in the 80's for a few days. Blinkin still hasn't had her babies yet. I still haven't had time to take any photos but promise tomorrow will be photo day. I don't dare leave the boys alone for a minute. They can think of too much to get into. Went out to find 2 of them skinny dipping in the pool. They couldn't understand what was wrong with that... boys! They love to try to beat each other with the water noodles. They think catching goats is fun and wanted to know if they could let them out again so they could catch them. They did take Diva, DiDi and Sonya on a walk. Put the leashes on them and walked them down the road. The girls loved eating the leaves along the way but thought the boys were strange. Diva would just look at them and roll her eyes. I seem to be doing that alot too. If you ever find yourself in need of a torch all you need is a stick, duct tape and straw. You duct tape the straw to the end of the stick and then light it. Its suppose to help you when you play a game of hide n seek in the dark unless you have a grandma that wants to keep the house and land from going up in flames. The pool is only 3 and half feet deep and one of the grandsons couldn't understand why he was told no when he ask if he could jump off the roof of the RV into the pool. I did get them to watch TV long enough for me to get a couple of soap orders together. We did make it to the post office to get the winners packages in the mail. I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday and Zack already has a load of dirty clothes. I am telling you boys make more laundry than girls. The boys will be doing their own laundry tomorrow. They wash their own dishes after each meal, make their beds, and clean their room so they are helping. I just never know what new plan they will come up with and need to be on my toes. Hopefully tonight will bring a good nights sleep and tomorrow I will be able to take some pictures of whatever the boys decide to get into.


City Mouse said...

Aw, Peggy - those boys remind me of when I was a kid. Did you know I actually jumped off a roof of a house once? On purpose! And we used to lower each other into the river on the boat cranes. Boys will be boys, bless 'em!

FARMLIFE said...

lol oh peggy!!!Bless you. I will have my 3 grandboys hopefully this weekend. Now I am getting worried!!! Now I just don't understand why on earth you don't like the torch idea or the jumping idea. You know boys are unbreakable!!!

Heidi said...

LOL - Boys are a couple of hands full arnt they~ :) The roof into the pool is SO much a boy thing! LOL I do about 5-6 loads everyday!! In the winter its about 8 because of all the long johns and winter coats that are in the barn... stinky! Hope it cools off for you, its been hot here too - makes it hard to be comfortable...... :)

Jess said...

ok, you definately have your hands full....were we all that bad? lol Just kidding you, I know that we all were mischievious one time or another. Hope you rest tonight..sounds like you need it!

Have a great week ahead of you.

Cathy said...

Hello Peggy from a very cool Melbourne

Oh Peggy, welcome to the raising boys world.
And when did you say they are going home??
That soon - oh, changed your mind, you are having such a great time they are staying on till September lol

You had me in stitches - my boys would jump off anything they could trying to fly. How they never broke a leg still remains a mystery.

Take care

Mary said...


With two grandsons of my own, I understand what you are going through. Boys have vivid imaginations and they like to use them. Sounds like you are having a great time with them though.

Enjoyed my visit, as always. Looking forward to the photos.


Lib said...

LOL Never a dull moment!
Hope the storms doesn't hit you like they did us. We're having our week of Family reunion here, and lost power, phones etc. I'll keep the torch making in mind as we are to get repeat

Gwen said...

Hi Peggy.
Just popped in to say hello and hope all is well.
Thanks for the B/Day wish visit again soon

Gwen said...

Hi Peggy.
Popped in to say thanks for the B/Day wish,you seem to have your hands full with the boys.
Stay WEll xx

Flip Flop Floozie said...

See!! I told you about boys!! This is just the way they are!! fun!! You just never know what to expect
Thanks for dropping by!! i cannot see how you had the time but do appreciate it and your comment.
Hope it is not so hot today. i saw 106 on our gauge yesterday..Way too hot for me. Sandy

Marci said...

Peggy, sounds like you are having fun while having your hands full!!! Enjoy!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You wouldn't want your grandsons any other way.

Give me an inventive, imaginative and mischievous lad over a dull, sluggo, catatonic, couch potato.

Then again. Maybe there is a happy middle ground.

Nancy said...

Wow! You sure have a plateful with the boys and the animals! I think we are all waiting for those babies to arrive! Anxious to see pics of the baby goats whenever they decide to join your family!

Good thing you have that pool for the kids to cool off in! I do believe all kids love water in the summertime! What a wonderful summer vacation your grands are having!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

LivingTheLife said...

AHHH! Yes...Boys! Ain't life grand when they are in the mix! I have one son...and one daughter...and YOU are so right when you say boys go through and get more clothes dirty than girls...they truly do! My son would take more showers than his sis fact we have 2 + acres...we keep over one acre mowed and manicured...just use a tractor on the other acre...anyhoo...when our son was in charge of the yard...he would mow the front half...jump in the pool...mow the side...jump in the pool and then possibly come in and shower...he would then mow the other side...same thing again...then finish up with the back yard...jump in the pool....piddle around for a bit and then come in and shower! I don't know if he's just a super clean freak...or if he just tried to stretch one chore into an all day it appeared he was doing so much more and extremely busy! Yes...I am with you...boys will be boys...but I thank God every day for mine...and his best friend...who was my second son and spent many a day here as well! I'm sure you feel the same way about your darling grandsons!

Then there is my darling daughter and daughter in law...I'm so crazy about them...they make my toes curl...and they do their own laundry whenever they make the bed and help where needed...but my son does the that works out great...Enjoy the rest of your time w/your grandsons!