Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos From Friday

Forgot I had these on the camera so will share now. The boys have my camera outside and I am sure I will have lots of photos to share later.


Lib said...

Love the pics.!
I'm still thinking about the torches.LOL :o)Could you post directions?lol
I told Bill our problems are solved if we get the Tstorm tonight. lol He said he'd go gather sticks and straw. lol
Sounds like ya'll are having fun!
Doen't bother me to be without lights , I could live the Pioneer way ,so many are too spoiled these days!I had a squirt bottle of water, 1 girl needed to wash her hands I used the bottle,she thought that was so cool,had no idea she could wash her hands without a sink. lol
Better quit rambling and finish up .

PEA said...

Hi Sis, finally here to catch up with you! See, you can't get rid of me for very long! lol I was so upset yesterday when my internet was down most of the day...I felt so lost! Sounds like the grands have been keeping you very busy and I giggled when I read the boys' antics...no wonder you don't want to leave them alone for a minute! lol I don't know how you can stand such hot temps all the time...it's been in the 70's here, just perfect:-) Anything hotter and I melt don't ya know!! hehe Love you sis! xoxo

Mary said...


These are beautiful photos of our grands and I bet you will miss them too. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.

The goats photos are cute. I love the captions and I don't blame blinkin' for not wanting to be pregnant in this heat.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit, as always.


City Mouse said...

Awesome photos - especially of the grands and that blue-eyes pregnant beauty!

bj said...

what cute little grandkids and cute goats, too.
i love your blog....and thanks for coming by to check on me...i appreciate your visit.
xo bj

Jo said...

I am taking a break today and doing some much overdue visiting. We have Riley again this week and he can wear a g'ma down. Somehow he passed out on the love seat and is sawing logs. I should get a picture of that because it sure doesn't happen often.

How long will the boys be with you? It is going to seem like a whole different world when they are all gone.

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JoyceAnn said...

I just read your last few posts , Peggy. I had girls too , I'm learning about boys with the grands also. They are quite different and I know why they say ~ Boys will be Boys ~ now.

I got my soap order yesterday , they smell wonderful. Can't wait to use them.

Enjoy your day with the Boys !

~ Blessings ~

Nancy said...

Loved the pics and also the captions!!! Bet the kids hated to leave! You are just the greatest grandma!!!

Poor Blinkin'.....I'm sure she is miserable being pregnant in this heat! Poor little girl.....I am anxiously awaiting the birth of her babies! I'll start checking in every day to watch for pics of them....

(((((( HUGS ))))))

At Home Redesigns said...

Oh my gosh...what cutie pies...the humans and the animals.

I've enjoyed checking out your blog.