Saturday, August 02, 2008

Goat Eggs

I went out to gather eggs and found Louie in one of the laying boxes. When I gather the eggs I give the hens a little chicken scratch to munch on so I can take their eggs. Guess Louie wanted a snack too and figured this was the best way to get one. The mighty warriors went with the hired hand to the lake today. I got a good start on restocking my soaps and also did a really good check on all the animals. I even did all the afternoon feeding, watering and milking before the tired, sunburned guys returned. Woody was asleep before 8:30 and I think Zack will soon be as they had a very fun but busy day.


cindee said...

LOL goat eggs(-: Goats are so funny and full of entertaining antics.(-: I have a hen that insists she sit on eggs so she is in the nest box and sitting on 5 eggs that are not even hers. When I go to check if anyone else snuck in there and laid an egg she get very upset with me. I guess she needs a snack too(-:

City Mouse said...

If that goat actually lays an egg ... I want pictures!!

Rosa said...

Poor Louie is confused. That's ok. All is well in the peaceable kingdom. So cute. I bet the warriors were tired! Nothing like sun and water to poop ya out. (Not to mention soaping, milking, feeding and watering!) I bet you all sleep well tonight! Even Louie. Do you think he will dream of nesting?

Juli said...

I think Louie had the right idea, pretend to be a hen and get free corn :)

I'm very proud of your warrior grands for helping out so much and so well !

earth heart said...

This is just too sweet!

Lib said...

Lol ,Cute!
Are goat eggs better than hen egss?lol
Have a great day Friend!

Corky said...

Peggy, I LOVE the music you have on here.
It is my kind as I am sure you have guessed.

GOAT EGGS! Now there is a market for you.
If you can get those going good William can come in off the road as you will be rich!

Rachel said...

Goats are great climbers and he looks right cozy in there!!

I'm glad the boys had a great time at the lake! With this heat that's a good place to be.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Peggy, Louie looks so cute peeking out of the box...a good place to take a have the cutest goats...
Thanks for sharing your family with us. Hugs, Baba

Jess said...

Very cute...guess if I was Louie I would do that too just to get a treat!

Anonymous said...

Too cute, we had a Nigerian Dwarf buck that stood in front of a big nest of Muscovy duck eggs and I snapped a picture of him and on forums that I'm a part of always got a kick out of that picture, the goat and the eggs:)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope nothing hatches while the goat is near. They may imprint and the goat will have chicks to raise!

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Jeanette said...

Gday Peggy, hAHAHA Goat eggs, louielooks quiet comfortable in the nest..

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Peggy!
Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes!
I love your blog! Your goats are so adorable!! I've really enjoyed taking a look at them and your wonderful homestead! I'll be back to visit you more.
Hugs, Sherry

meggie said...

That is so funny! Those warriors are having a magic childhood!

Patty said...

For years we had a sign out front "Eggs and Goat milk for sale" and honest one day an older woman came by and said she had always wanted to see a GOAT EGG !
Wish I had had your picture to show her : )