Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You Isabella and Nicole!

I just love this picture of Hidden Haven! Isabella and her mom Nicole took time out of their busy day to make it. Isabella even remember hay for the goats! Thank you girls! You made my day more than you will ever realize. Its been a very crazy stressful couple of days and this just made it all much better.
Yesterday Harvey and Will went home with their parents. It seemed very strange not to have a baby in the house last night. Gabby and Quintin are here till Thursday. With the rain we had all day yesterday we tried to have a quiet inside day but ended up just walking around Walmart and then taking a walk and going fishing. Quintin fished while Gabby and I looked for bugs. We came home and after feeding and milking (Quintin helped milked) had a early supper and watched a movie. Since we have 3 sofas in the living room we decided to just all sleep there and fell asleep watching RV. Hopefully today will be a wonderful start to a wonderful week. The sun is shining but we are getting ready for the rain that will come from Hurricane Fay. We have beans to pick, okra, tomatoes, cukes, eggplants to gather and a few other chores before we get busy playing. Enjoy your day and blessings!


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture, have a good week Peggy!

Patricia said...

Oh I hope "Fay" is mild when it passes your way! Sounds like you've had enough rain already.

Do you have an abundance of stuff from your garden? If so, how do you keep it for a long time, or do you give it away?

Isn't that the sweetest picture you scanned in today? I love drawings from little ones and either keep them all or photograph them for a keepsake.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Batten down your hatches! May the storm be a modest one. Finding a quiet rainy day activity for boys is hard. Perhaps, they would enjoy learning more about cooking.
When they get older they will learn girls love boys who can cook and are willing to share this part of living.

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
What a sweet drawing!
Hope you can get some rest soon!
Have agreat day!

JoyceAnn said...

Oh , what a wonderful drawing ! It made me smile too , it looks so HAPPY.

I would love to come help you declutter , but I'm sure it'll take me a lifetime or more to finish mine (LOL).

~ Blessings ~

Nancy said...

What a cute picture! Sounds like you are enjoying your new little visitors!

I am in SC and we are wondering here just how much we'll get from Fay. My son is in the Orlando area, and the northern part of that storm is hitting there right now. Some areas are without electricity already. I'll be glad when it passes his area!

(((((( HUGS ))))))