Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Has Been a Very Rough Day

So I am posting some photos of the amegios and also some photos of the mighty warriors. The warriors had a hot pepper eating contest when here and I never got around to posting them. Murphy's Law has been going crazy here at the homestead today but tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it will be a quiet, peaceful blessed one. I sure need it!


Patricia said...

I hope you get your quiet and peaceful day. The calm certainly soothes my spirit after a bad day. If you want a laugh, check out my post for today. For the first time EVER I am posting some pictures of myself, in the spirit of fun.

It looks like the grandkids have all enjoyed visiting you and the Homestead.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Peggy, im a bit slow getting around to all as when im home im glued to the television watching olympics direct between 11am all through the day and night to 2am then of course im tired and its bedtime..
Om my the boys eating hot peppers Yuk, looks like there having fun cooling of in the pool after eating peppers...

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Lol Boys will be Boys huh?
Hope you get some rest and have a Blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you get a good afternoon, nice pictures! I was just looking at your live traffic feed and I don't live in Marengo,Ohio ( don't even know where that is though ),

Rosa said...

Sure hope they didn't rub their eyes after playing with those peppers. I hear ya! I look forward to Monday, as odd as it sounds! xo

Anonymous said...

I sure hope your day gets better. We all have them though. Not what we like though,but the good thing is knowing you are never alone.
Love and hugs,Brenda

peppylady said...

Life sure looks hard there..LoL

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Busy day for you I see!! What is new though? you are always busy right!! We have been busy trying to get things back to somewhat of a normal way since our big trip!! We had such a good time all 2500 miles of


zzop357 said...

Ouch!!! Hot peppers!!! I had a round a couple of years ago.Blistered my hands real good.I don't can it now.
The boys look a little tired,I hope you're keeping them busy ;) I took mine apple picking today... He did more bird watching than picking. Some little wrens were fledging and they about the size of a half-dollar. They kids were having a blast watching them. We came home with a five gallon bucket of red delicious, and about 2 1/2 gallons of Jonathan"s. I know what I'll be doing.LOL
I hope you got some rest and had a good weekend.God bless, Donna

Ron said...

I hope you do get a few days of rest and peace! If it isn't given to you - take it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hot pepper eating contest?
Wow.. no thankyou Peggy.
I have trouble eating peppers
even if they are diced tiny in small amounts in my food.
Is it true that a glass of milk helps the burning?

I hope you have a peaceful day and enjoy your beautiful grandbabies.

Sending you lots of love, Nicole xox

Anonymous said...

ps Peggy

If any of your grandbabies would like a pen friend... an eight year old little girl.. let me know!

Donna said...

Days like the one you're having can try one's patience. Hope your next few days are much better.