Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This And That

Ian author of Farm Blogs from Around the World has added me to his list! I was recommended by Lynda from Food Fun and Farm Life in South Africa. Thank you Lynda and Ian! I now have a long list of very interesting farm blogs to read and learn from. I could spend days just reading and learning from all these wonderful bloggers.
On a different subject. I have had several people puzzled about disbudding baby goats. It is the most painful thing I know of done to such sweet little young kids. I hate it but if you have ever had to go out several times a day to get a goats head out of a fence or a place they got it stuck in because of their horns. If you have ever seen them fight with those horns or been hit with them you would understand just a few of the reasons disbudding is done. Our registered Nubian's are sold for showing and they need to be disbudded. What happens is you have a tool that looks like a curling iron and you heat it till its VERY hot. Test it on a piece of wood and make sure it leaves a burnt circle. Then you are ready for the kids. You are suppose to have built a box to contain them while you do this but we haven't yet. We have several people hold them while one disbuds. The kids screams, the mom screams, I usually have my eyes closed but this time I couldn't. After its all over the kid goes back to mom, nurses and gets comforted and usually takes a nap. The nap is probably from the pain medication I give them 30 minutes before the disbudding. The pictures below are from when William was doing the disbudding. I didn't have enough hands helping to take pictures of my first experience at hurting the babies.


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Congrats on your bolg list. I too could read for hrs.
I guess if ones never had goats or farmlife they don't understand fully the things that "HAS" to be done.I sure would not want to be butted with those horns!lol
Hope you have agreat day!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I gather from a previous post you had one kid that was naturally polled. Is this a rare anomoly or is it something to try to breed into a herd? It sure would be nice to avoid this distasteful chore.

PEA said...

Like my mom used to say to me when she would make ringlets in my hair when I was a little girl and I would whine because it pulled and hurt..."you have to suffer to be beautiful"! lol Poor little things, it hurts all over at the thought of the disbudding but as you say, it's needed. Have a great day sis!! xoxo

Patty said...

I hate disbudding too, but do it for the reasons you mention.
One day I had a disbudding "party" where all the local 4-H kids brought their kids to be disbudded. I did 30 kids in one day. Never did something so emotionally difficult in my life.

Lynda said...

Hi Peggy, I'm sure this can't be easy for you to do but as you say, it is necessary and much better for the goat in the long run & your goats are such happy, healthy & content animals I'm sure that the forget those few minutes of necessary pain quite soon !

Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy OUch. the poor little Kids.. But as you say its very Necessary for the goats,On a lighter side i wouldnt like to be chased by one with or without horns..

Anonymous said...

I have spent time going out getting Annie's(the goat) head out of the fence. There were a lot of days I wished we had cut her horns off. Out of all the goats we have had, she is the only one that kept getting her head hung in the hog wire. Thank goodness, not in a while though.
Oh, I also was added to Ian's list by Lynda. I thought it was such a honor too. There are so many great blogs to read, your included.
Have a great day!

Nancy said...

I was one of the curious ones who asked about disbudding. There are a lot of things around a farm that HAS to be done in the best interest of the animals. Glad it over with now. How long does it take for them to heal then? They are adorable! Such cute little kids!!!

You are so good to your animals! I really LOVE your blog!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hi Peggy

Your storey broke my heart for you. I don't know that I would be as strong as you to be able to do this. But like you said it is for the best.

Bless you for loving and caring for these little ones.