Saturday, September 06, 2008

Princess Diva

One day in the kingdom of Hidden Haven Queen Diva made King Nitro a proud poppa by giving birth to 4 babies! Prince Dynamite, Princess Diva, Prince Pedro and Princess Dreaming Lisa. Diva and Nitro were so very proud of their new kids.
Princess Dreaming Lisa soon left the kingdom of Hidden Haven. She didn't want to be a princess. She wanted to be a show goat. She found the perfect family where the young sons wanted to work with and train her to be a champion show goat. Prince Dynamite and Prince Pedro just wanted to run, play, sleep and eat until they became old enough to take on the responsibilities expected of a prince.

Princess Diva made it known from day one she was truly a diva!

Princess Diva didn't come to you. You had to go to her. Princess Diva didn't eat where you put the food. You had to put the food where Princess Diva wanted to eat. Princess Diva not only wanted crowns and hats like her momma Queen Diva, she wanted clothes too. She wanted nice outfits suitable for a princess yet stylish for a young popular girl. She wanted a rhinestone hot pink collar too.

Though Princess Diva can really push the diva thing pretty far she is also loving and caring. She stayed near her momma when her poppa died. She comforted her momma and grieved with her and her brothers. Whenever one of the other goats in the kingdom is sad Princess Diva seems to know and will comfort and stay with them till they feel better. Princess Diva loves playing with Baby, the dwarf goat. She also likes to remind Baby and the other goats that she is Princess Diva, daughter of Queen Diva. Overplaying the diva part is her only real fault. She gives the best kisses and snuggles at just the right time. She will make you laugh when you really thought you were in a bad mood. Princess Diva is working hard on growing into her mommas crown and footsteps one day.

Of course one day she will be the perfect Diva. After all she had the perfect parents!


Jess said...

This was really sweet...I would love to visit with you and your goats...I mean kids sometime... I bet they are so rotten!

wildbilltanker said...

Hon;how do you write these stories that are fairy tells but are so close to the very essence of their lives.You did it with Nitro and so many others.We and I'am speaking of other peoples comments,think you should do a book.Love ya.william

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story!


You know he has a point. These would make really good books! I am so glad nothing bad happened.

J said...

Peggy, add me to the list of voters for you to be a book writer.
Princess Diva is showing an awful lot of leg in that little skirt! She's a cutie like her momma.

debi said...

$ kids? That's alot. They sure are cute. Still wanting 2 for the grands but not yet I guess. You take great pics Peggy.

PEA said...

You write the bestest stories sis! They always bring a smile to my face and I agree with William, you should be writing childrens' books!! Princess Diva certainly is playing her role of Diva quite well! hehe xoxo

Rosa said...

Awww, just like mamma.

Mary said...

What a beautiful story about your goats. I enjoyed it and the photos are great.

As you know, the boys and I haven't seen goats on the farm for a long while. They got rid of them except Chrissy. Last Thursday we went to the farm for our semi weekly visit and there was a sheriffs notice on the door. Everything and everyone was gone. The boys and I were shocked. Though they kept selling off animals, I never expected things were that bad. We will sure miss visiting.

Take care and stop by for a visit when you can.


Rachel said...

Ahhh.... I loved this!!

meggie said...

Sweet Post!