Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Just Think We Are Having A Rough Time

I may get down and bend God's ear a lot over things that I think are important. Then I read about what others are going through and I ask God to forgive me for taking up his time with my whining. (click on the prayers for Gracie button to read about her)

And a grandmother has lost her grand baby:

My burdens are not so heavy after reading about what these families are going through. Life at Hidden Haven is a wonderful blessing to be very thankful for. Even with a few rough patches along the way I am very blessed with the journey God has given me to experience. Please say a prayer for these families. And please don't forget to count your blessings and tell the big guy upstairs thank you.


Rosa said...

Thanks Peggy for always reminding us to be thankful. xo

Anonymous said...

Do you have a gratitude journal Peggy? I do.. and it is a wonderful thing to have. We should all find things in our life to be thankful for everyday. There are always others worse off and we should count our blessings. xox Nicole

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Amen Sister! No matter what we go through we can always find someone else whos worse off than us!
The road we're traveling is rough right now , but dialy I look for things to be very Thankful for!
Have a great wk.

Jo said...

Peggy thank you for posting about Baby Gracie. My middle child lived for a few hours after birth and I know the agony that filled my heart in the months following her death. I can not even imagine the pain that Gracie and Poppy's families are experiencing.

Have a blessed day Peggy.

Connie said...

Thank you Peggy for reminding us how "little" our problems are compared to others who are suffering such heartache and loss. I was feeling stressed about some issues around here and thank you for the reminder that God has truly Blessed me and my family in so many ways.