Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Good Night

The moon is hiding behind the clouds as the weatherman calls for rain. I sneak out to see Fred and he says no rain tonight. Good night Fred.
John Henry and the ladies have said their good nights and settled down.
Good night Huey, Duey and Luey. Sorry you don't like your new pen
There is a nice cool breeze as I walk in the dark to check on my girls. Sorry Blinkin. I didn't mean to make Bossy Toes and Bridie wake you up.
Good night ViVi and Blanche.
Good night girls. Girls????? Sammi, Diva, Princess Diva, DiDi, Sonya why are all of you in here
And none of you are in here?Oh well, sweet dreams.
Don't stay up too late Bonnie and Clyde.

Good night little ones
Good night Sheba.Good night Lady and Tramp
Good night Donald, Daffy and SallyTime for bed Quackers!Sleep well my little chicks

Good night Molene, Larry and Curly. Time to put those young ones to bed.

Whiskers, its bedtime. Good night.

Boys, time to settle down and go to sleep

And as for you, shhhhhh Bud is sleeping, so good night. See you in the morning!


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
This post is Darling! :o)
Good night Peggy.

Ron said...

Wow, you have got a lot of critters! I like Fred the best though... I hope Turk can tell the weather too. :)


PEA said...

Good night John knew I'd have to say that! lol I can just picture you saying goodnight to all of them...hope you get a good sleep tonight sis. Almost my bedtime time too. Nite sis. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Got my package and im in love. You really out did yourself this time=) the soaps smell so good.
I had no idea you had the baby soap yet not seeing it in the store,but was so happy you sent us some.April is here with the babies and loved it. Thanks again,Brenda

Eve said...

Ah, those animals are so blessed to have a Mama like you to look out for them. Goodnight little ones, sleep well. Goodnight Peggy, sweet dreams.

Rachel said...

Cute bunch of animals you have to say Goodnight to!

Thistledew Farm said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us....Good Night Moon!

amelia said...

Lovely post!

It's hard to make out where Bud's face is!! What is the round thing, is it an eye?

Anonymous said...

Sweet blog!

Juli said...

This is probably my favorite post :)

I always admire your pens and houses. They're wonderful. We have to have tops on almost everything because of the crazy raccoons.

Homemakerang said...

Marci said...

You have quite a menagerie there. =) By the time you get them all settled and down for the night, it is almost time for morning chores. =)

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats it, I'm packing my family and moving to your state. I love your little farm with all your great animals. What a wonderful life you have:)

Bo said...

Hi Peggy...this post reminds me of the old TV show "The Waltons" where they ended each episode with.."Goodnight Erin, goodnight John Boy, goodnight this one & that one.." How fun! ;-) Bo

Connie said...

Thanks for showing all your little ones. I love looking at each of them - they all are so adorable. If they were mine, they would all die of old age because I couldn't get rid of any of them. LOL

I love Fred on the roof - we should could use him at our house to predict the weather.

Thanks for another delightful post. Your the best Peggy,

Patti said...

I have one Saanen buck and in the fall he is very....fragrent. You have 6 or 7....hopefully your clothes line is far far from their pen!! hahahahah

Mandie said...

Good night to all of your critters and good night to you.