Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have a Boo-tiful Halloween!


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Happy Haloween to you and yours!
I'm on my way to Pea's Party want to come over and go up with me?lol

Anonymous said...

This is the most unique and colorful Halloween greeting I've seen - I just love it! Boo to you too!

PEA said...

BOO!!! Did I scare ya?? hehe Happy Halloween too, sis, hope you have a fun day! Love you. xoxo

Mandie said...

Have a spooktacular Halloween!!!!!

City Mouse said...

Happy Halloween! That Diva certainly looks terrific ... I may just have a surprise for her myself when I see her!

Mary said...


This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing and a Happy Halloween to you.


Pam said...

Hope you have lots of fun this Halloween!
I LOVE the pics of your goats!!

Always smiling said...

What fun you have with your goats!

And what a great collage you have made of the pics... it all looks so colourful while here today in UK it is cold and grey... but we don't care as we are both in the warm and are cosy!!LOL I have just posted my Lizzie Kate Halloween design finished on my blog and I am very please with it!
Halloween wishes to you! Boooooooo


Always smiling said...

I loved the video explaining about Rhode Island red chickens. Thank you, I would love us to have chickens but our garden isn't big enough, as we would have to have large pens to keep the foxes out. Loved your blog, what a different life we lead, I am a retired teacher and enjoy days when all I do is a quick tidy round and then I stitch or read or garden..

Anonymous said...

Nice collage.

J said...

Happy All Hallows Eve Ms Peggy!
Diva is looking Divine as usual.

the Mind of a Mom said...

Hi Peggy

Happy Halloween to you and everyone at the Haven!
I hope you enjoy this amazing weekend

btw ~ you inspired me to dress Lily (our border collie)
pix are on my blog.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope you survived Halloween without any nasty tricks to your farmstead. This side of the festivities seem to be dying out.

Don't eat too much candy.