Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday when I opened up the mailbox I found a package. It was a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting anything but bills. Niki had made me a beautiful fall table runner. I couldn't wait to put it on my diningroom table. Thank you so much Niki. Its perfect! You made a crazy day on the farm a happy one.

Woke up with a catch in my back this morning. Made feeding and milking a little slower. Diva and the girls let me know they didn't have time to listen to me whine as they were hungry. Still have to give fresh water to everyone, just waiting on it to warm up a little bit. Disappointed to see its going to be back in the 70's all next week. Just when I thought cold weather was on its way here comes a heatwave.
William is on his way to Maine. I am so jealous as he is going to be visiting a friend of ours from a homestead forum we belong to. Chris raises Yaks and has lots of adventure stories I love reading about. He and William have lots of things planned including a trip to a Amish store. I can just see William's truck coming down the highway with things tied on it like the Beverly Hillbillies truck. If they get snow while he is there that will be truly unfair! I am getting a treat this weekend. A friend from the same forum is stopping by for breakfast Sunday on his way to Florida. I can't wait to meet you Phil and Jonathan and Jonathan's sister! I think Phil is really stopping by to meet Ms. Diva and the girls. Hopefully they will behave and not ignore our guests. LOL Well its warming up so off to water everyone and rake the pens. Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your back - hope you feel better soon. I love Niki's colorful table runner and it's just in time to share with your guests arriving Sunday. I'm especially envious of William's trip to Maine and a visit to the Amish store. Hope you'll share his trip with us!

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise, we go to Amish stores every once in awhile then again we live in the heart of Amish country!

City Mouse said...

Two days to Diva! Is it really three? Ah well. We'll just say two. It's awesome that William is getting to visit Chris and his yak family. Maine is such beautiful country.

Rosa said...

Ouch. Hope your back is better soon. Lucky William! I've never been to Maine. I bet the drive is going to be gorgeous!

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Niki is the greatest!And you're an Angel to offer your help!:o)
Lets run up and meet up with William lol I'd love to take that trip!
Enjoy your company!
Hope your back is better, I know back problems more that I care to know about!
Have a great day!

Jess said...

How nice of Niki!
Do hope that your back gets better!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sorry I have not been by in a while. This week has been busy plus I was sick about 3 days of it and that really threw me behind!! I love your new background....that is really pretty...Sandy

I hope you back gets better..i know pain is awful

Lisa said...

Feel Better Soon, Peggy. Thanks for sharing your happy mail!

PEA said...

Such a beautiful table runner! Isn't it much more fun receiving gifts in the mail instead of bills? lol What a shame you can't be with William when he goes to Maine but at least you'll have your own guests which should be fun:-) One of these days it will be ME visiting you!!! xoxo

Kelly or Alex said...

Bucksport is about an hour east of us. He will have a wonderful time. We had snow flurries yesterday. He may be able to bring you some snow back when he comes home. Take care of yourself. I know about the back issue. Tell all the ghouls and boys hello from us.

Mary said...


I hope your back is better. Back pain isn't pleasant and you do a lot of heavy work.

I hope William and his friend has a great time and that your breakfast with your friends is full of love and laughter.


Rachel said...

I hope your back gets better. Back pain is no fun.

Have a wonderful Halloween!!

I love the cute bags Lib made. Bartering is a great idea!

Rachel said...

Oh, I got my soap and it all smells so good!!!

Ink Pens said...

I hope your back is better! My back is dead from chores! and im a little sore. I was in Maine last week to attend a convention. Unfortunately, i do not have any friends to visit in Maine, i was in a hotel. The drive over there was better than the trip itself. It was so beautiful!
I think i am going to take a trip with the whole family down there. It truly is beautiful. Very family friendly too.

Good luck!