Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14

I can't believe this week has come to an end. Its really true that time goes faster as you get older. As a child I use to think certain times would never arrive. Now I can't believe they come and go so fast. William is heading to Oregon. We got some of our projects done before he left but have many more left undone. I will trim the goats feet a couple a day till I get all of them done. I am also working on our annual family Christmas weekend. Its the first weekend in December so I only have a few weeks to get stockings stuffed, food ready, gifts wrapped, and help William prepare for the treasure hunt. I have to find the Christmas carols I printed out so we will have the words when we go on our hayride Christmas caroling. I love getting everything together and having every hour planned so we don't waste a second of all of us being together. Maggie, if you read this don't forget your Happy Birthday Jesus book. She is our reader of the Christmas story and the kids love it. They also write birthday wishes and then burn them so the wishes will float to heaven then we have a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Our Christmas weekend is busy but so much fun and I will take lots of photos to share. This year it will be at my daughter Maggie's in Tennessee. I will be nervous leaving the animals but have several people going to check on the hired hand while we are gone. Hopefully Diva and the girls won't be too mad at me when I return. Everyone has their swap partner information and I even have my stocking finished and ready to mail. William and I spent a afternoon trying to get Christmas photos of the goats for our Christmas cards. Maggie is designing and making them for us. Diva did really well posing as did Sonya and DiDi. The other goats didn't care much about posing as a reindeer. We have had lots of rain all day with a few thunder showers thrown in. Tomorrow we are suppose to have lots of rain with high winds and lighting. I am looking forward to Sunday as the temps are suppose to drop and by Tuesday we will have some cold winter weather. I have been trying to declutter drawers and cabinets throughout the day. I still have lots of decluttering to do. Every little bit helps. There is no reason to keep it if we don't use it. The baby chicks (3 now) are doing really well. Sister is still sitting on eggs so I have the chicks in the house. If I put the chicks with her she would come off the nest to care for them and not hatch the other eggs. I can keep the chicks as they hatch until she is finished then put them with her. She takes them right back and is a good mommy. Am hoping all the other eggs hatch within the next few days. The chicks are soooo cute! They like to snuggle in my lap and they also like to push each other around. I am using my finger to pat their beak when they bother each other. I only do it once and they run away from the other chick and start pecking at their food. They know my voice and will start peeping when I talk to them. I will have to take some pictures tonight to show how sweet they are. There is laundry waiting on the sofa to be folded and put away. There are gifts to wrap, dishes to wash, rooms to clean, and a cup of tea calling my name. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those blessings.... everyone of them no matter how small.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is our age..I think it is because we are so busy we meet ourselves going round and round. I just wish it would slow down too.

PEA said...

Hi Sis:-)

I'm finally getting around to visiting...been going into the city the last couple of days to do Christmas shopping and staying with my mom while Ross is in the hospital so it's leaving me little time for blogging!!

Your Christmas weekend sounds like so much fun, I wish I could be there for it!! I remember all the pictures from last year and all the fun you guys had. You're like me, you like to organize things like that! lol

Can't wait to see the Christmas card picture this year:-) Diva is really an old pro at those now! lol

Thank you for letting me know who my Christmas Stocking Swap partner is, she and I have already contacted each other through email:-)

The chicks sound so sweet, looking forward to seeing pictures of them:-) Love you sis! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh how full of love and goodness your days seem to be. Planning for the Christmas weekend sounds fun and I know the cute little chicks make you smile. I can't wait to see the Christmas photos of Diva and the girls! Don't try to do too much too fast. Enjoy each minute!

City Mouse said...

Hey, that little reindeer look VERY familiar!

Your Christmas sounds really wonderful - especially the hayride and singing. I think I am behind ... I'm just getting to my Thanksgiving plans!

Anonymous said...

At Christmas time I'm going to be posting antler pictures of our "mini-reindeer", hehe, actually they are mini-nubians, LOL.


The Mind of a Mom said...


You truly are a remarkably hard working woman, I wish I was part of your family as it sounds like lots of love and fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the goats masquerading as reindeer! I truly enjoyed reading about your birthday party for Jesus. What a wonderful idea! Have a blessed and productive weekend!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love your traditions especially the birthday cake for Jesus. I think I will steal that idea this year, hope you dont mind. i want some chicks, if only they would stay babies. Justin is stuck in Atlanta til Monday, his company says its slow and there are no loads going out of that area right now. As you know when a trucker sits time is a wasting. no miles no pay:( He will get some layover pay, I think $70 a day. its better than nothing. Have a great weekend Peggy:))

Donna said...

Your family's Christmas pics are always a treat to see!

amelia said...

If anyone deserves a break, you do!!
I hope you really enjoy your weekend and try not to worry too much about your pets at home!

Can't wait to see the chicks..

Jeanette said...

Gday Dear Peggy.. The weeks are slipping by me very quickly, I feel I have just got over last Xmas and on our doorstep again..
AWWWW the chicks and soooo cute..

Penny loves having visitors to play with..

Connie said...

Hi Peggy,
Time does fly. I told my DH that I think I should leave the Christmas decoration up all year. I just get them put away and time to bring them out again. LOL

Love your Christmas tradition. My DD married into a family who has the tradition of all of their siblings and wifes/children get together early in December. They have a Christmas theme where the kids receive a clue at Thanksgiving and than the theme is based on that for the party. That is the children's part - the rest is traditional with the reading of the Christmas story, etc. Than on Christmas eve/day, the family spends the time with the other side of their family. It has been so much fun to be apart of this. I know you have a ball. I can't wait to see the pictures. The chicks sound delightful and I know they are receiving loving care.

You are a busy lady but your love shines through with everything you do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
All your plans sound just wonderful.
The hay ride and Happy Birthday Jesus cake are such great ideas.
I know you are busy, but have a great weekend.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I just noticed the picture of the Iguana and the cat:) Are they both yours?

meggie said...

This year has just whizzed past! I can hardly believe it is almost December.

Juli said...

Is that Louie ? :)

I think time flies for those who value it most. It was only last week that I was carrying Nik around on my hip and now he can pick me up *~*

And I would so love to sing carols with you. I love to sing ! as Nik and the cats and chickens and dogs will attest to :)

And I also always read the Nativity story and the Night before Christmas and a few other things aloud to whomever will listen. I fear it's really just Star and the cats now. Nik sits politely but he's heard them all so many times ...

It sounds like such a wonderful time !! Enjoy and I'm sure Diva won't be mad because she'll know how happy you are :)