Saturday, November 15, 2008

My day started at 3AM as we had some bad storms. I didn't mind the thunder,lighting, or wind. In fact I love listening and watching storms. I was up that early for tornado warnings. There was one that touched down between the east side of 95 and highway 301. We are lucky that we live on the west side of 95. We stayed under warnings till 6am and then on watch till 8am. The sun came out about lunchtime and its been a summer warm day. The winds are picking up and its suppose to storm again this evening when a cold front moves in and meets the warm front. If life gets a little boring around here we can always count on the weather to put us on our toes. Diva and the girls slept in this morning because of the weather. It was nice to be able to feed without them pushing and demanding to be fed first. Even the chickens didn't get up till 7am. Nice not having the roosters crowing at 4am. After morning chores I thought I might take a nap but after a few times of the phone ringing that ideal went out the window. I got my package shipped off to my stocking swap partner. Got a couple of soap orders shipped out. Got 2 more of my kitchen cabinets cleaned and decluttered. Wrapped some gifts for family stockings , except this year I am using bags. Last year we filled stockings and couldn't get everything to fit. So this year I had these bags left from a craft fair and decided they would be perfect. I still have several bags that need filling but at least some are filled. You guys have been a busy bunch! The baby chicks are full of energy. They run around getting louder and louder with their peeping. They also are starting to eat more and make bigger messes. William and I still have lots of work to do on the treasure hunt. It was such a big hit last year we decided to make it even bigger this year so have to work on more clues. Its raining again so imagine the storms will be here soon. I look forward to the cold weather its suppose to bring in. Afterall its that time of year for cold frosty days, warm fires, soups, and hot teas. Today would have been my sister's birthday. She died from melanoma at the age of 31 leaving small children behind. Today her children are grown with children of their own. Gaye would have made a great grandmother. She sure made a wonderful aunty to my oldest daughter. Maggie when saying Aunt Gaye came out as Nay Nay and then as she got older she called her Aunt Nay Nay. Gaye loved it. She didn't get to see Melody or Megan but I know she would have spoiled them too. Happy Birthday Big Sis.

I've gotten used to missing you,

My grief's begun to ease;

I don't sit down to write you notes

Or phone to shoot the breeze

.When in a crowd someone may laugh

Or sound a lot like you;

And then the pain will grip my heart

And flood my soul anew.

I've gotten used to missing you,

I'm learning day by day

To focus on good memories

And put the rest away.

On strong days I scan photographs

Of happy times we knew;

I picture Jesus in my mind

And place Him next to you.

I've gotten used to missing you,

And though it's been 26 years;

I still am just a thought away

From aching and from tears

But my sorrow will have an end,

So let the teardrops pour;

Until I'm once again with you

And the One who loves you more.


Connie said...

Oh Peggy, this post really touched my heart. My mother had 4 children and than went 12 years and had me. I lost my brother to a fire at age 15 (I was 3) and that left me with three older sisters. I am the only one left. I was with two of them when they passed over. My last sis was in 2000. I still miss them all even with the vast age difference. I love your poem you shared about your sister - it filled my heart with tears and joy.

Hugs to you,


Peggy I am sorry you lost your sis. I was so worried that I had lost mine. I think it is really cool that she had my son's birthday. Tom is over at the Ft tonight celebrating his 23rd and I hope he has decades more to go. That is a whole lot of stockings by the way. very cool.

amelia said...

Oh how sad!!! You really have had some heartache in your life.

I have no siblings and only this year lost my dad at age 89 so I've been very lucky.

I always think it's much more sad when there are young children left behind..

Anonymous said...

I know today has been bittersweet for you. Filled with good memories and thoughts of what could have been. That's a pretty poem you shared and very comforting. God bless, Mildred

Juri said...

How sad! Your poem about your sister really touched me!


Heidi said...

What a beautiful poem! Did you right that yourself Peggy? We have more in common than we both knew - I had a sister die on November 15, 1977 she was 18 mo. old. She had heart problems that she was born with and so many years ago they could not help her. Today it would be a no brainer for them....

Them chickies are growing great guns! I thought there were only 2 or did she abandond another?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Every year i am touched by your remembrance of your sister. All those years you might have had together, "only if", would have been so wonderful. Your memories will always bring you joy.

Do you remember my raising a single chickm my "flock of one." raising the great philosphical question, "How many chicks make up a flock". (I can't resist the great questions of Life.) Perhaps, it take three to make a flock!

Heidi said...

I thought that may be the case... :)My fear was she had already done SO! We have a couple of hens that are not so smart.... LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been one busy girl. Sorry you have been up with all the storms. Hope your day has much peace.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

What a beautiful sister!!! Wow Peggy you have a huge family you are so blessed:) The chicks are cute, I asked Justin if i could get chicks and a goat, he said yes. Maybe someday:))

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Did you write that poem?? it is a nice tribute to your sister...I know that she must have been looking down on all of you!!

Marci said...

Peggy, I cried when I read your post. It is amazing how it will crash down around you at unexpected times. I am glad you have wonderful memories!!! The bag idea is a great one!!

Rosa said...

I heard about the storms yesterday and thought of you. So glad you were not hit!! Aw, such a sweet poem. Sniffle. xo

Kristie said...

Great poem Peggy. Made me think of my dead daddy.

On a lighter note, my stocking has officially exploded to box capacity! I have some things I had to order but as soon as those arrive my box is good to go.

Stay out of the path of those tornadoes and please don't send any to north east TN. LOL (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sister, but so glad you have such fond memories to enjoy.

You have been quite a busy woman! I am impressed with all you have accomplished! Those little chicks are really growing quickly, aren't they?

DayPhoto said...

I love your poem. Did you write it yourself. May I use it? I lost my best friend/ sister when she was 47, 12 years ago. The poem says it all.


PEA said...

Sis, I had forgotten that your sister passed away on the same date as my dad's birthday...Nov. 15th. I know you're missing her, I think when we lose a loved one, a part of us goes with them. I'm just so glad that we adopted each other:-) Wish I was there to give you a big hug in comfort.

Oh wow, look at all those bags you need to fill...mine in there???? hehe I so wish I could join in on all the fun...that treasure hunt sounds fabulous!!

There's a chick chick here and a chick chick there, chick here chick there, chick everywhere...great, now I've got Oh Macdonald in my head! lol Love you sis xoxox