Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Stockings Arrived!

Brenda received her stocking from her swap partner. You can check out her goodies here

I received my stocking from Toni and love it! In my stocking was a beautiful makeup bag, makeup brush, and a darling heart mirror. I also got some of Toni's awesome makeup products. Cucumber melon lotion bar, night treatment,whipped cream face mask,Chai Spice whipped body frosting, a cute little Christmas bear kitchen towel. All of it was wrapped really nice but I couldn't wait and opened the package as William was driving us to to the grocery store. Thank you Toni!Toni has received her stocking from me and sent photos. I will post them later. Thanks again Toni for being such a fun swap partner.

Noelle has received her stocking and you can view it here
J has received her stocking and posted her photos here

Nell received her stocking from her swap partner Toni. Nell was so excited about the beautiful stocking Toni and her daughter handstitched. Toni also included a poem with the stocking that told Nell what she could use each item for. Thanks Nell for emailing the photo and thank you Toni for being such a awesome swapper!!

This stocking I made came from my hands and my heart.--A gingerbread man--so your book you can mark
Every stocking should have something healthy and orange, so the chocolate kind will have to do~~bath fizzy ~when you need a few minutes for you
Lifesavers ~because every Nana should have candy and a pack of tea should do just dandy
Kleenex ~ to wipe away tears
A doggie calender ~ for the all the days of the years
Hand cream ~ for soft hands to give Nana hugs
Lip balm ~ to give soft Nana kisses to the ones that you love
A candy cane ~ to hang on your tree
Maple syrup ~ because your as sweet as can be.
I hope you enjoy the things you have gotten and when Santa arrives I hope he spoils you rotten!

Tracy received her stocking and is in love with her nice warm socks! Her swap partner was Pea
I am so happy everyone is getting their stockings and am amazed at all the wonderful things you come up with to make them so special!


Connie said...

I asked Peggy if she would post your stockings swaps. Now, you want to know what I thought this was about. LOL I was thinking all of you ladies were each making a Christmas Stocking and sending it to your partner. When I saw all those goodies, I bursed out laughing - it wasn't a stocking at all. I am probably the oldest here (67) so that is how my mind was working. LOL

You ladies rock and you got some neat things.

I will have to join the game next year.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I am addicted to your blog. However I have not been able to see it for several days . My Mom is in the hospital and she is not doing well. We stay with her all the time. I am getting ready to go releave David. I will spend the night again. I just need to be near her at night. Pleas pray for the Lord's will in her life. You have the neatest thing going on. How do you find the time? I just wanted to say a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I think this will be a good evening for the fire and hot choclate. enjoy

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Hi Peggy, I will be mailing your package tomorrow. The address I have for you is on the box from the order I recieved. Just making sure thats wher i send this package:)))

Bride2Be said...

awww, how sweet! i mailed out your stocking swap stuff today; the post office said you should have it monday:) i really hope you like everything!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

This was my 3rd turkey, I took out the neck but didn't know there was another bag. My new unit # is 69. not 71

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hi Peggy

Thank you for the very kind post. The girl and I had a blast putting the stocking together and will definitely be participating next year if we get the chance. I think the best thing from all of this is I think I have a new friend that is going to mean a lot to me.

Take Care
Enjoy your long weekend

Mary said...


The stocking swap is turning out to be very successful. I haven't got to the post office yet, but will the first of the week.

I enjoyed seeing the stockings and goodies that everyone received. Thanks for hosting the swap.


PEA said...

Good morning Sis:-)

I so love the stocking that Toni and her daughter put together for Nell...such a neat idea to put in it items mentioned in the poem!! I'm hoping my partner receives her stocking soon, I mailed it last week. Will let you know when I receive hers as well:-) Love ya! xoxo


I wish I had gotten mine in the mail to Pea earlier. I didn't think about the additional time to get to Canada. I mailed it the day before Thanksgiving which means it probably wasn't touched until Friday and they said it would take 5 to 10 business days. I enjoyed mine so much I hope she enjoys hers too.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

The post office was closed today so I will mail your present on Monday. When can we place calendar orders?

Kristie said...

I am so excited for my stocking partner Janera to get her package from me. She should have it this coming Monday, or Tuesday at the latest.
I should have mine from her early next week also and I will for sure post pics. I can hardly wait. :)

All thanks to you for hosting again!!

Rosa said...

How fun. What a wonderful stocking! Love it.

DayPhoto said...

I have been meaning to tell you that I love the photo of the goat holding the gift basket. You should have cards made of it for advertising. (If you haven't already)


Patty said...

got my stocking all ready to mail off tomorrow, such a fun exchange !