Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Stocking Swap Partner Heard From!

Juli received her stocking from Patty and loved it so much she forgot to take pictures! She did send me this nice email:
Peggy- Just wanted you to know that I received my stocking from Patty last week. Sorry, that I did not let you know sooner but it seems that everyone in my family has been sick and now, not to be left out, I have it. So I have not even felt like turning on the computer.Patty sent me some really cool homemade stuff. Some of the items she sent me, I will cherish forever. I loved everything! I had so much fun doing this stocking swap. From getting to know Patty through her blog, to getting everything ready, it was ALOT of Christmas fun. I will continue to read Patty's blog because I just love it. Patty and I had ALOT in common, so it was amazing to get to know her better. You sure did an amazing job matching us up and I hope to continue my friendship with her.I wish I would have taken a photo of all the goodies sent me, but it escaped me to do so. (And I already ate the Starbucks chocolate that she sent me!) Sorry.Thank you for sending me a Christmas card. It was lovely. It was great to receive it.One more thing, my daughter, who is five just loves Barnyard Christmas always asks me to turn on the computer just to hear that song. Thanks for sharing it. I never even knew it existed.Thanks again for setting up the stocking swap. It was so much fun and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now for those that haven't received a stocking from your partner I will be sending you one. It won't make it by Christmas but you can enjoy it on New Years. Those that didn't send a stocking I am very disappointed and you will not be allowed to take part in any of Hidden Haven swaps again.


Kristie said...

That's so sad. Can you tell us how many people did not get a stocking? Not asking for names. Just a number.

Juli said...

Peggy, William and the brakes filled a hundred stockings for us, so please don't send me one. I truly enjoyed taking part and didn't do it to receive one. Sometimes giving truly is the best part :)

Merry Blessed Christmas !