Saturday, December 20, 2008

This N That

Dana passed this award on to me. So I have to tell 10 things about me. If you would like this award feel free to take it and let me know so I can check out your 10 things.

1. I failed American History in high school and had to take it a second year. I barely passed it then. Wasn't the class but the teacher. She made it a very dull class and I even got her the next year too!

2. I am still friends with my best friend in first grade. We don't live near each other but keep in touch on birthdays and holidays
3. I get aggravated when people don't answer the phone and don't leave a message most times.
4. I get aggravated at the same people who get mad at me when I don't answer my phone. Crazy aren't I! LOL I don't carry my phone when I do outside chores. I do chores the same times every day. If they call during that time.. oh well.
5. I am not a easy person to work with or for. I want things done a certain way. If I have to go behind you and redo something I will get very upset. My view is why pay you if I have to do your work.
6. I am very picky about the feeding and care of our animals. I even give William a hard time about feeding exactly the same way each time and on time.
7. I already know what we are getting the grandkids for Christmas next year!
8. I almost drown scuba diving once. Scared my daughter Megan and myself.
9. I like the challenge of cooking a meal when the pantry is almost bare then cooking when its stocked full.
10. I am so jealous of everyone that has snow and nice cold weather that I could scream. Am so tired of this 70 plus temp in December! I really need to live in a long cold winter place.

Two of the grandkids were invited to tour WLOS-TV in Asheville, NC. They called to tell me about everything. Sounded like they really had fun.

My friend Phil is going to list, link, write about, etc on country life related products, ideals, experiences, don't do, and lots of other things. Email your favorite products, tools, books, gadgets, services, websites, and lessons-learned to him. Please include a one-sentence (or more) description with each entry suggestion, telling him why it's so wonderful. At the end of December, he will put up an epic post including all of the participating blogs (with their web addresses) and the items/services/learned lessons that we have seriously come to appreciate. Click on his name and check it out!

I finished baking and making candy for my goodie baskets today. I made peanut butter bon bons, mints, milk chocolate candy trees, white chocolate candy snowmen, love bites, chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, gingerbread cookies, tiny pumpkin loaves, and goat milk fudge. I cleaned the kitchen afterwards! Now I need to fold laundry and clean our bedroom. I hope its cool enough for a fire tonight. I hate this summerlike weather in winter!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

I love your list:)) I hope next year to be making candy's Im still mastering the art of baking cookies:) You sure did do alot in the kitchen today. Im off to bake oatmeal cranberry cookies. Enjoy your tea:)))

Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are so cute and what a great opportunity for them. Your baked goodies make me hungry. I finally had to open the windows today it was so warm in GA. The humidity is terrible - me and all the pets are having a bad hair day now! When the weather is like this, I remember my mother trying to make divinity. The weather had to be just right. Enjoy your evening.

Joanna said...

I think you should take your cellphone with you when you are outside, not for answering, but for calling in case you have an emergency.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Here in TN, we're having tons of FOG, drizzle, cloudy---and in the 50's. We need rain--but enough is enough. I either want snow or some sunshine!!!!! (Don't want much do I?)

I enjoyed reading your list. My oldest son used to scuba dive. He loved it--but gave it up when he left Florida.

Your goodies sound yummy. I love peanut butter ANYTHING.... ha

Raggedy Girl said...

Aren't you the ambitious one getting all that candy done, I have not even begun. I loved your list and will take the offer of the award just for the fun of thinking up the list tomorrow. Thank you.
Roberta Anne

Kristie said...

You know I'm right there with you, my cold weather friend. This warm weather just is NOT right!
I want snow so deep that I'd have to tunnel through it to get outside to see the sky. :)

Alex said...

Snowed here all day yesterday. We got about 5 in on top of all the ice left over from the big storm. Lots of car accidents in the icu tonight. Our drive now requires 4 wheel or you can't get to the house. More due tonight and the weekend. A white christmas for us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
The Grandkids look like professional newscasters there.
Great job!
I will be making my candy and cookies this weekend.
We are having some really high temps here, 83 yesterday. But I am a warm weather gal anyway. I love it!
I hope you have a great day.

DayPhoto said...

You can have ours! Bitter is the word, bitter, bitter, bitter. My chickens would love to get outside, and the cows would love to see the green hay again.

On the plus side, the bugs are being killed and the snow will fill our lakes so we can irrigate this summer.


Beehind Thyme said...

Goodness... you have truly been busy... Send some of that homemade candy this way. I love reading your blog... you have the awesome life... Someday I hope to have all those animals... I have the acres, just waiting. Hopefully a hen house will come Spring.

I will be back to visit often... I am adding you to my favorites, if that is ok???

MeRRiE BLeSSiNgs, Pamela

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Oh I so wish I could trade weather with you, it is supposed to only be 20 or less by tomorrow. I would love to have your weather! I just don't handle the cold well, as soon as it gets that cold, I start shaking like a stressed out Chihuahua, getting jealous of the geese flying south and wishing for beautiful, warm summertime weather!

Mary said...


You and I sound a lot alike. I detest having to go behind people and do the job they were supposed to do in the first place. I am hard to work for as well and I do get irritated if people don't answer their phones or return calls when you leave a message. My daughter is famous for this. Grrr!

Love the photos of the grandkids. What a wonderful experience. Maybe they will grow up to be TV reporters. A great profession.

Take care, my friend. I would trader our snowstorm for that 70 degree weather right now. We already have about 7 inches at 2:45 and it is to continue snowing until 8pm. Then again on Sunday. If I had a way to send snow to you, I would send an entire truckload. ;-)


Mrs.Ruiz said...

I think the snow may be coming your way:)