Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Had a Visitor!

Diva put on her finest for Alex. She came all the way from Maine to meet Ms. Diva! Well of course she was also going to visit her brother too, but mainly to see Diva. After a few cookies Diva was ready for her photo shoot with Alex.
Then we had Sonya and DiDi pouting cause they wanted to look like a Diva too.
After Alex had visited with the girls we headed over to the sheep pen. Alex is going to be raising Icelandic sheep that are similar to our Soy sheep. She sure knows alot about sheep!
We had a nice time chatting and talking homesteads and farming. I am so jealous of her home! I see photos and just drool. Its a huge old farmhouse that she and Kelly have done a ton of work on. Alex even does her own plumbing! She also built a beautiful kitchen island. I am also jealous she lives in beautiful Maine, snowy Maine, cold Maine. Did I mention she lives in Maine? One day I plan to go for a visit even if I have to load up Diva and the girls and take them with me! After our visit she had to drive on to her brothers in the rain. Yes, its still raining here. We even had a tornado yesterday evening. Alex didn't make it down in time for that, thank goodness. But Alex thanks for visiting Hidden Haven! Thank Kelly for my soaps. Oh yeah, Kelly makes awesome lye soaps guys and boy do mine smell wonderful. Have a safe trip home Alex. Diva sends a hug and DiDi sends you a big wet kiss.


Anonymous said...

What a nice visit for such a rainy day. I hope you get to take that trip one day Peggy!

Anonymous said...

How fun and nice!

judypatooote said...

I just wonder what the other goats think when Diva gets to sport a tiara, fuzzy or they think, I wonder if I'll be next.... or do they know that pretty soon they will be.....LOL
I say this as a compliment Peggy, that some children should be so lucky as to live in a loving enviroment as yours... judy

American Way Farm said...

Didn't the sheep want to get all dressed up as well? Now you can't leave them out and just let the goats have all the fun. -Sandy

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

Aww what fun!!!!!! Those girls of yours are little beauty queens!

Mary said...


A beautiful photo of Diva and Alex. I'm glad she could get down for a visit and that she missed the tornado.

I hope that one day you get to visit Maine. That would be wonderful.

Grandma used to use lye soap for everything. She made her own.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Raggedy Girl said...

I love Diva's pretty pink chapeau.

Roberta Anne

PEA said...

Well don't they look just beautiful with that tiara!! hehe I've no doubt Alex thoroughly enjoyed her visit with you and the animals...I WANT TO GO VISIT YOU TOO!!!! One of these days, sis, one of these days:-) xoxo

Odd Mom Out said...

I look at YOUR pictures and I get jealous. :-)