Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Around The Homestead

The wild baby bunny is still doing well. Momma bunny is nursing and caring for him along with her own. The gentleman that brought the bunny to me didn't just take it from its nest thinking momma had abandoned it. They were mowing all day and while they were on the other side of the field they watched the momma bunny go back and forth from the nest to the woods. She moved all her babies but this one. They left it there and mowed far around the nest hoping she would come back for the last baby. The next morning the baby was still there so they brought it here to see if we could help it. The family knew momma bunny only fed at night and they also knew she had moved her other babies to a new nest. Hopefully "WildThing" will survive.
We also have a baby duck we are caring for. The couple that got DiDi's son "Pickles" brought their duck "Snap" to see if we could help with his leg. Their dog got a hold of Snap and broke its leg. William and I put splints on it made from popsicle stick and so far he seems to be doing okay. For a few days he didn't even try to stand. Now he is standing and stretching his leg a little. It still hurts him if he moves it alot. I massage his foot and bottom part of his leg which seems to help. Snap may have a broke leg but he hasn't lost his appetite or spirit!
We have been having rain and storms everyday. Diva and the girls seem to enjoy it about as much as I do.
Goats don't like getting wet so huddle together. That also makes more mucking the stall chores for us as they make a mess. Oh well, its great for the gardens!
Inbetween the rain we are tilling and mulching neighbors and friends gardens. It has been bringing in some extra money, which is nice.
That's about it for whats going on here. Hopefully the rains and storms will end soon and we will have a few sunny dry days. Have a blessed one!


Anonymous said...

Send that rain my way pretty please LOL Good deal on the little duck and kit,looks they will be just fine;)

Iowa Gal said...

I just love "stopping by" and visiting your homestead. It never ceases to put a smile on my face to see how caring you are for Gods creatures. It is a rainy day here in Iowa so thought I would see what you were up to.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Peggy, So happy to hear WildThing is doing good. We are having lots of rain too. For the moment, a little sun is peaking thru the clouds. I keep running out between rain showers to do some weeding. Looks like William has a nice, strong helper. You all have a nice evening.

Leslie said...

You are the Hidden Haven animal rescue! People around you sure know where to bring animals that need TLC. All creatures deserve a chance, I love that you give them one.

Mount Belly Mama said...

We're using a borrowed tiller right now ourselves! It's a lot of work! My hubby had grand plans of tilling a full acre. I think we settled on a 10x5 area. lol.

The Raggedy Girl said...

I am so glad everyone is doing so well. I love to hear about all the animals.

The Raggedy Girl

Angie said...

Now THAT'S a rototiller!!!!!

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Everyone knows you know how to Love and care for fur babies:o)
Still praying here!
Hope you have a Blessed wk.

Kristie said...

Glad baby bunny is adapting well and being accepted by his new mommy. And poor little Snap! I hope he heals well. =)

grammy said...

Glad bunny is doing well and snap is healing. Those names always make me laugh.

Christy said...

Poor little ducky! I hope he heals. Goats are funny when it rains.

Anonymous said...

LOL - I feel like I just left Hidden Haven a few days ago, and you have two more animals already! The ducky is gorgeous. Glad he's doing well!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

whew! you wore me out reading your blog! I hope the duckling and the bunny keep thriving! Its funny - I have a little Dove I'm nursing, he had gotten shot in the wing and it tore his shoulder up. I dont know if he'll ever flt again...but the Dove is now thriving too after a couple touch and go days! I had to cut out the bad part of the wing, it was dying...but since looks great and new skin grown over and healing wonderfully! Grossed my daughter off when I removed the dead tissue! And she wants to be a vet? LOL usually she isnt squeamish...but I think cause it was so young and little...okay I'm babbling...see ya around!

JoyceAnn said...

Peggy Dolittle for sure , love how you care for all those critters.

I've been planting between rain showers too , should make for a great garden.

~ Many Blessings ~

DayPhoto said...

Thank Heaven for people like you!


Juli said...

(((((((((Wildthing & Snap))))))))

More like 1 in a million to save a wild bun but with you and having the nursing bun mama that wild bun has a far better chance than most.

And I think Snap will be fine too !! Our only other duck before the duck girls was one who had had a broken leg. she always limped but was otherwise happy and healthy and lived for many years :)

Please tell me when our friend arrives :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I could use some tilling. I guess a trip to Canada is out of the question. In years past a neighbour with a large tiller on his tractor has done it. (Does a wonderful job) Last year he let me down so I ma not sure about this year.

It seems with the addition of wild and injured animals your place has added the function of animal rescue!

I am glad you have avoided any violent storms.