Friday, May 08, 2009

"Wild Thing"

Little "Wild Thing" is growing and doing very very well. He is nursing, sleeping, jumping around just like the other baby bunnies. Momma has accepted he/she as one of her own and gives it the same care as her natural babies. Can you tell which is Wild Thing? Although he is growing he is much smaller than the others.
I am actually starting to think we might have a happy ending with Wild Thing


Anonymous said...

I sure hope so Peggy. Bless you and William for being so tender hearted.

Blessings to you this Mother's Day.

ChristyACB said...

I'm so happy WT is doing so well. Even if he is small, he sure is a cutie pie. Maybe he'll wind up being that endearing momma's favorite?

Kritter Keeper said...

oh that baby is so sweet! he will be so cute when he/she grows up especially compared with the domestic bunnies. great post!


Ok now I know that one would fit in my purse!

Lisa T. said...

Oh, Wild Thing, I think I love you.


Dana said...

Thats neat that people know to bring babies in need to you guys:)

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! This is terrific - I know the chances of a baby bun doing well are slim. I think you might have a little miracle on your hands.

Mary said...


Glad that mama accepted Wild Thing and I hope that he continues to grow and that he stays healthy.

Happy Mother's Day, my friend.

grammy said...

My goodness he is small. Things seem hopeful though.