Thursday, April 15, 2010


Megan should be able to go home Monday. Right now they are getting medications regulated which should help alot. She says thank you for the prayers and please keep praying.
Instead of my giving you an update on Sheri and family I copied and pasted her post so you can see how things are going. She too is very comforted by your thoughts and prayers.

Here is Sheri's post:

today I dealt with some work stuff, and some daily living stuff- arranging our living quarters for the duration.
Alec, April, Christine and Hopie left before I did on a Museum Extravaganza Day- I'm back to the hotel before they are.
I got to the hospital about noon, and was able to talk to the ICU doctor who will be Ward's monitor till Monday morning. She was cautiously optimistic.
-the lasix is working, so the fluid is leaving his lungs- good
-they can't place a working feeding tube due to how swollen his poor throat is- bad
-his heart is behaving without nitroglycerin- good
-due to the heart failure, it's still not pumping worth a dang- bad
-the graft is still viable, and all the pathology on the 'stuff' they took out came back negative- good
-they plan on him staying on the ventilator another WEEK or so- bad

so, sort of the same- a few things better, some not progressing as hoped.

last night I told him "I'll bring a book tomorrow and start reading to you" and then thought "hey!(?) what happened to his stuff from the regular room???" and went upstairs to retrieve it. it's not there. no one knows where it is. so today I spent 3 hours trying to track it down- mainly his GLASSES and BOOKS, to no avail.

finally, someone said "I'll call Patient Advocacy" and I rolled my eyeballs and told them that I'd called them for some other concerns LAST WEEK and had not heard back, even though I'd called again Monday. the Patient Advocacy supervisor is supposed to call me tomorrow.

so I spend a good several hours with Ward, reading to him. I re-started a book he'd just given me- we were discussing in his few lucid moments last week how much I was enjoying it and he just was so tickled- said he knew I'd like it, that's why he got it- and he smiled that wonderful loving smile. therefore, I decided to share the whole thing with him, since we seem to have plenty of 'down time' to do so ahead of us.

when I started reading his blood pressure upper reading was about 160, after just a few minutes it dropped to 140, only shifting up again when the nurse came and interrupted us with checks and procedures. before opening the book, I told him what the doctor had said- that he's better today than yesterday, and he needs to keep fighting- and his hand twitched in mine.

and so I read-

"Where Bigfoot Walks- Crossing the Dark Divide" by Robert Michael Pyle

Chapter One- Not Looking for Bigfoot

"Sometimes the things you believe in become more real to you than all the things you can explain away or understand."- Tommy Albright in Lerner and Lowe's Brigadoon...


The Mind of a Mom said...

One set of prayers worked so now we all need to pray again and maybe the other set will work!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for the updates, Peggy... I know you are worried sick about all of them--but I'm glad that Megan will get to go home..

Keep us posted.
Hugs and Prayers,

Mrs Mom said...

Prayers still going for everyone--- Reading is fantastic Sheri! Hope PA actually DOES get back to you, and returns the glasses and books!!!

Anonymous said...

Continued for both of them!


MaryO said...

Will pray for Sheri's husband and Megan. Stay strong!