Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homesteading Photos

I made the mistake of taking pictures and feeding at the same time. They weren't very patient with me. Charlotte and her piglets

Charlotte wanting her treat of apples from me.

Rhett Butler waiting for his breakfast
Ms. Scarlet wanting to eat but having to wait on her piglets to finish breakfast
California Dreamer's babies.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Peggy, They are just precious..... Love your names for them... I always name things also!!! Makes life more interesting... ha

Are you selling all of the piglets once they give big enough???? How protective is Miss Charlotte with her babies... GOSH---that is a huge bunch to take care of !!!! But--they are all just so cute.

I have a Chickadee egg in my Bluebird Nestbox. SO--guess I'm gonna be Grammy again...

Granny J said...

The pictures are just the pick-me-up I needed today. Those piglets are going to be ham hocks and pork chops before you know it.

The baby bunnies are adorable. Their fur looks so soft and cuddly.

madcobug said...

All those babies look so cute. Helen

Lib said...

Thanks for sharing the pix. I love all your post and pix.
Hope youre having a Great wk.

Jo said...

The piglets brought back some memories for me. My dad raised some pigs about a year or two before he died. There was one that he just couldn't keep penned up. She would find her way out of that pen every time.

I sure will keep those prayers going up Peggy. You take care!!

amelia said...

I love to see your pictures and how you care for your animals.

I hope all the other troubles are lessening and that things are looking up a bit. Praying for Melody..

amelia said...

Sorry Peggy, I meant to say Megan.