Friday, May 28, 2010

Around The Homestead

The acre garden is L shaped. Yesterday, which happened to be the hottest day of the week William decided we needed to go work it.

This is the beans and potatoes. There is a beautiful purple hydrangea bush at the end of one row.

Another picture of the beans and potatoes. You can see a little of the rest of the L in the background.
William tilled between the rows while I went behind him hoeing dirt up around the plants and pulling weeds the tiller didn't get. This is 3 rows of tomatoes, 2 of cucumbers, 3 of squash, 2 of broccoli and2 of broussel sprouts You can see the L shape of the garden from this picture. The top right the garden goes on up to make a big L. Believe me after working and sweating I can verify its a BIG L! LOLAnd Rusty was right there taking every step with me. I had to make sure and take lots of water breaks so he wouldn't get too hot. He refused to sit in the shade and wait on me.

This is Mrs. Gray and Mr. Black. They get to live and run around in the teen chick pen instead of being in a rabbit hutch. The only problem is the chicks like to steal their apple slices so I have to hand feed them so they can get their treat.
This is Pandora a chocolate English Angora. She is a sweetheart and hopefully will be getting her hair trimmed today if the rain stops.
This is Ms. Porky. She got her name because she eats all the time and will eat anything. At each feeding I give the rabbits their rabbit pellets, a slice of whole wheat bread, and either a slice of apple or lettuce or cabbage. As you can see Ms. Porky ate the bread first.

When I go out to feed I find Wizard waiting at the gate with the chicks.
Wizard walks right along with me as I fill the chicks 5 feeding trays.

Then he enjoys eating out of the feeding bucket while I crumble up bread for him and the rest of the crew.


Barbara said...

WOW such great farm photos, is that Turkey a wild one you caught?
We have them running all over here, just wondering, love your farm and all your critters, I am new to your blog but have added you to my favorites, love country, have a blessed day, Hugs Barbara

Stop and visit, the door is always open for new friends, and the tea is cold. Hugs ♥

madcobug said...

Your garden already looked clean to me. Looks great. Lots of pretty rabbits and fowl you have. Helen

Kelle said...

Love your photos! Your garden is beautiful, all of our stuff is just coming up, well... the weeds are up and doing quite well*wink*

Your Tom is beautiful, we have 4 like him as well as a Narraganset and a Burbon Red. Our hens are setting and just this morning we discovered they are hatching( 3 healthy poults so far) We also have a chicken hen who hatched 5 but only three have lived with 6 eggs to go yet.

Blessings for your weekend and thaks for sharing a bit of your farm with us. :o)

melissa said...

Peggy...I have to you have trouble with cucumber beetles on your plants? We have a very tiny plot with tomatoes, cukes, peppers and carrots. The cucumber beetles are beginning to come. The son who's doing the planting/cultivating made a solution of garlic/cayenne pepper, but not sure if it works against them. What do you all do? Thanks!

Granny J said...

Your garden looks so nice. My mom and dad used to put out an acre of garden every year besides the tomato and potato patches. It was a full time job to keep up with it. Thanks for the critter tour. I always love seeing your pictures.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Peggy... You two really have a big place. I don't know how you can take care of all of that... We have a hard enough time just keeping a yard full of flowers... Goodness--I'm impressed....

Your little critters are all so cute. Looks like Ms. Porky is kin to me--since I love to eat also!!!! ha

Have a great weekend..

amelia said...

I can't look at your beautiful pictures without wanting..
I know we are not supposed to covet what out neighbour has but I can't help it!! It all looks so wonderful and all those tomatoes and beans!!
I know it has to be a LOT of hard work but you make it look so easy and so very appealing...

The Mind of a Mom said...

You were writing about Ms. Porky and I thought you were writing about me! LoL
I am glad to know that animals like bread also.
Can any of the animals eat bananas or peanut-butter?
I don't know why I thought of if but I just wondered.