Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chuckie's Saturday Morning

Don't you just love my beard? No, you can't braid it and put a ribbon in it!
Here comes the lady with the camera again. Ignore her and she might go away.
I am trying to have a snack here, lady. Do you mind!
Look, you are getting on my last nerve. Take your camera and go back inside.
Shhhhh Precious. If you are quiet, we can snack while she takes pictures of Chuckie.


Denise said...

Love your pictures of Chuckie and his mates. The second to last picture he looks like he really is thinking you need to quit interupting his snack time! Hope things are cooling a little for you and your animal friends.

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures Peggy! They are all precious. Hope you have a good day.

madcobug said...

Cute pictures. Helen

Barbara said...

Cute, you are so creative, everytime I visit you I think of the old time show Mr. Ed, that was a talking horse of course, giggles, hugs my friend, Barbara

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Well---Hello Chuckie!!!! Are you not just plum gorgeous!!!!!!! Be careful though... That Mama is wicked when she gets the camera out..... ha


Granny J said...

Oh Peggy, Chuckie is so cute. He acts like a grumpy old guy but he's going to love it his new home.

I'll be mailing your chicks on Monday. This has been a really rough week for me.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.