Monday, July 05, 2010

Goodbye Cool Weather

I received these beautiful baking dishes and tea set from Kuma's mom a couple of months ago. She is stationed in Germany and loves going to flea markets and places to collect the ceramic cake pans and tea sets. This evening I finally found time to enjoy Debbi's gift. I baked apple sauce cake and it came out so well in the little pans. I rocked away on the back porch while munching cake and drinking some chocolate mint tea from the herb garden.
The last of the fireworks are going off as Rusty sits by my feet and barks at everyone of them. Kuma is tired from her evening truck ride and is fast asleep on the kitchen rug. It was a nice 4th as we spent the day in Monroe at a huge flea market. It is 26 acres so no need to tell you I didn't see the whole thing. I bought a couple of wooden bowls, some dinner plates that look like handmade pottery plates, grapes that I munched on while walking, and homemade potato chips. There was so much to see it was overwhelming at first. I hope to go back one day very early in the morning and take my time looking at all the booths and tables. It was a nice ride there and back and I enjoyed looking at peoples homes and yards. Got some ideas by just looking. I was surprised to see how many homes were decorated for the 4th this year. There usually isn't that many.
William grilled out hotdogs and hamburgers while I made home fries. We took a plate over to our neighbor Vicki. Her husband had to work and since she had a stroke a few years ago its hard for her to get around in the kitchen. I also picked 6 egg plants from the garden. Tomorrow I am going to make egg plant parmesans to put in the freezer. Its very easy and oh so tasty. Just peel and slice your egg plants. Dip them in beaten egg. Roll in bread crumbs, cook in skillet in small amount of hot oil. Cover bottom of baking dish with spaghetti sauce or if you are like me and have tons of tomatoes your own tomato sauce. Then place a layer of egg plant slices on top of the sauce. Scatter shredded parmesan cheese over the egg plants. Then another layer of sauce, egg plant and cheese until you have used all your egg plant slices. Top with cheese and bake at 350f for about 20 minutes. Take out of oven and let sit for 5 minutes. This is soooo yummy! I am going to make several for the freezer as they freeze good and will be a quick and easy meal this winter.
Tomorrow is bleach and scrub the animal water bowls and rake their pens. The cooler weather is over and its back to the 90's so it will be back to giving rabbits frozen water bottles. They have so enjoyed this cooler weather. I have more planting and weeding to do in the herb garden. I hope to have pictures up later this week of how it turned out.
I hope whatever is in your plans for tomorrow and the new week that it is filled with blessings!


Anonymous said...

Harriet is just like Rusty - barking at every firecracker! Beautiful cake pans from Kuma's mom. Your eggplant parmesan sounds delicious and you are smart to freeze some for winter. I know Vicki appreciates you sharing with her. Hope you all have a great week. Stay cool and keep those bunnies happy!

Mike said...

We spent a little time at the Flea Mkt on Raeford Rd and Hope Mills Rd. There wasn't too many vendors out but, we like walking and seeing the items up for sale. I took a video of the dance Chiklet does for me in the mornings. What a Ham.

Denise said...

Wanted to tell you that I thought of you this weekend at the farmers market when I bought a bar of goat's milk soap Patcholi scented yummy, I sure smelled good after that shower, not to mention how great my skin feels. Do you make soap, can't remember from some of the older post whether you make some or not?
The Eggplant Parmasean sounds easy to make, I have always wanted to make some, do you bake before you freeze? Try to stay cool.

Granny J said...

Trixie hides under the end table between our chairs when the fireworks are going off. If they're still going off at bedtime she hides under the bed.

The dishes are lovely, especially the tea set.

Our temps are back in the 90s also with high humidity.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

People don't realize how fireworks and firecrackers 'spook' animals--do they?????

When our country is in such a mess---I think the basic, everyday people want to do what they can to show their Patriotism--and love for our country and for those men and women who fought for our freedoms.

It's getting hot here again this week, Peggy, and we turned the AC back on in the house --after having it OFF this past week. Darn---I don't like this kind of hot and humid weather. Oh Well!!!!

Have a great day/week.

Connie said...

Dearest Peggy,
I am so happy that you are back in your "element" and that you are happy doing what you love. Yes, the cool weather is gone and its back to high humidity. Well, that just means summer to me. LOL

The bunnies love seeing you carry the frozen water bottles. You are such a good mother.

Love you,

Marci said...

I don't know if it is because Star is getting older (she will be 13 in a couple of months), but she was terrified by the fireworks last night. Just the sound alone scared her. She has never done that. She was shaking and sticking to us like velcro.

We are getting a new pup at the end of the month, Lord willing. I am thinking of names. I like Southern Biscuit, but I am not sure Michael will go for that. :)

We too have been getting the heat and it will continue for the next few days at least.

Barbara said...

Yes we had a few firing them off last night too, my dogs did howl, heehee they do not like the noise, hugs and blessings, Barbara

Lib said...

We had a nice 4th too.
I'm putting up food here too, and doing my cooking & freezing for a month. Love the recipe !Ill have to cook and freeze some also. THanks !
Have a great wk.

amelia said...

I loathe fireworks for the effect they have on animals, wild as well as house pets. They are so terrified. Ours tremble and shake for hours after they have stopped. I have had my son and family here and my little three year old granddaughter got into bed with me to help cuddle the dogs during the fireworks!!

You are a smart (and busy) lady getting stuff ready for the winter. It's so hot here that I can't even think of putting the oven on. Especially to bake a lot of stuff. Quick dinners on the stovetop for us until it cools off a bit!

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