Friday, July 09, 2010

Hello Cooler Weather!

I sure hope the weathermen have this forecast right. We are suppose to have rain and temps in the 80's tomorrow. It sure will be nice to have a day not running out to the animals every couple hours giving them fresh water. William also agreed to paint a house for a couple and guess who his assistant is. Its going to take several days so I hope the triple digits don't come back until we are finished.

Henny Penny and her baby chick lost their freedom today. For several days I have let her have free run of the property with her chick. Today she decided to scratch all the mulch out of the flower beds and the pinestraw away from my blueberry bushes. She and baby chick are back in a pen and Henny Penny is not very happy.
Daniel the Rooster is still free to roam. The sore on one of his legs still has him hopping some. He loves to stand outside the pens of the other roosters. It's almost like he is smiling when he looks at them because he is on the outside. He also got upset with me when I put Henny Penny up. Think that was his new girlfriend. We have a couple of young turkeys that hopefully when grown one will become Wizard's girlfriend. He likes flirting with Tessa but with Fred in the picture that's not a good idea. They both are so big they couldn't hurt each other fighting but the heat would wear them down. I think its best to just wait a little longer and let Wizard have his own lady friend. He actually has claimed me. He meets me at the pen door every morning and afternoon. He walks with me as I feed the chickens. He talks to me and lets me rub his head and back. He eats from my hand and walks with me back to the door. I took him out of the pen a couple times but he won't do anything but stand at the door wanting back in. So he is in with white rock hens and Chicken Little the tiny rooster. Chicken Little is one of the very first roosters we got several years ago and always protected me from Speedy the mean rooster that liked to attack me. Chicken Little will get to live out his life here at Hidden Haven with no fear of being sold or going into a pot. He and Wizard are good buddies and hang out together. Other farms have animals with normal behavior. Here we have different but good behavior in our animals. Tessa the turkey is still being mommy to 2 baby chicks she hatched as well as her 13 baby turkey. Crackers the duck finally hatched baby ducks and being a great mommy to them though she hatched and raised a baby chick. The chick is now a hen and still hangs out with her. Crackers herself was hatched and raised by a chicken.  We have a duck and goose that are best buds. We even have weddings for our animal family! Things may be different here at Hidden Haven but they are a good and happy different. If you haven't read the story about Nitro go back in my archives when you have some time. Its 7 parts but well worth reading as he was one very very special goat.

On a different note. If you see I am no longer on your friends list on facebook I have decided to just keep it family. My friends list got very big and a lot of time was spent reading and keeping up with everyone. Since most of my friends have blogs or read this one regular I felt it would be easier for me just to keep up with my girls and grands through facebook.  Thanks for understanding. I hope each of you have a cool and blessed weekend!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Can you see me smiling tonight??? We finally got some rain this afternoon (about 4:30). It had threatened to rain all day--but went all around us. We were disappointed until we finally had a nice rain... Thanks be to God. We need rain SO much!!!! AND--it's cooler tonight... SO--hopefully, this milder weather and rain will get to you soon.

Love reading all about your animals. Sounds like Henny Penny was a bad bad girl.... Sorry she messed up your mulch and pinestraw... Shame on her!!!!

I have had oodles of invitations to join Facebook--but decided not to do it at all. I can barely keep up with my blogging these days.

Have a great weekend, Peggy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy
We are having the same weather as you, but the humidity finally broke so it is still hot but it is bearable hot! I hope everyone is okay there on the haven.
Stay cool have a great weekend
Polar rose

amelia said...

I love Facebook!! I can keep up with all my family and some friends from England. I'd be lost without it! Having said that, I don't post or comment much, I just read. That way it doesn't take up too much time!!

I'm so glad for you that it's cooler now. It's gorgeous here this morning and we have turned the AC off and opened the windows but it's going back up to the thirties this afternoon!!

Too bad you have to put Henny Penny back in a pen. One of my daughters keeps chickens and turkeys and she lets them roam free for the most part but during the winter she has to keep them in a heated coop.

Do you ever get to see Diva or Nitro? I bet you miss them on your little bit of heaven..

Granny J said...

It rained here night before last and was a bit cooler yesterday. It's supposed to storm again on Tuesday. I love your critter stories and remember Nitro well. He was such a majestic goat.

I've never joined facebook or twitter. I don't see how people keep up with so much. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Peggy, We had rain last night and it was so welcome. I hope the cool temps last long enough for you and William to get the painting done. Love to read about the lives and loves of your pets. Hope it's a good Saturday!

PEA said...

Good morning sis:-) Ever since I came back from my trip I've been busy with mom...Ross is back in the hospital and it's not good news. Cancer has spread in his stomach, lung and colon. They've given him 1 to 4 weeks to live:-( I wanted to bring mom here for the day but she doesn't want to leave her apt. right now...we can't even go visit Ross yet, only his immediate family is allowed to see him. His sons are going to try to get her in tomorrow so hopefully they can.

I've read all of your posts that I've missed and I really don't envy you these 3 digit temps! It's been going up in the high 80's and low 90's here and I'm miserable! lol The animals all sound like they're doing well and it's no wonder, you take such good care of them:-)

Love ya sis. xoxo

Denise said...

I love reading about your animals and I will be sure to look up Nitro's story since I have only been reading blogs since early spring. As for facebook, my friends have mentioned me joining but I don't want to spend that much time on the computer and love the friends I have from blogging.

We are going to have rain today and hopefully it will be a good soaking rain, not the stuff that washes the things away! Take care.

Lib said...

We had some rain and cooler temp, getting hot out now. Hope it makes it to you all!
Love hearing abouth your Homestead Happenings!:o)
Have a greta wk.end!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

the humidity finally broke so it is still hot but it is bearable hot! I hope everyone is okay there on the haven.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ We missed the rain again , but it was a little cooler today. I love hearing the stories about your animals , Hidden Haven is just " Wonderfully Unique ".

~ Be Blessed ~

DayPhoto said...

I have decided not to complicate my life with facebook or twitter or any other social networking site except with my blog.

My blog leaves me enough time to do other things in my day...


Anonymous said...

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