Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Weekly Guest Post

Thank you SoccerMom for another funny post. With all this heat and humidity I might even be tempted to wear yellow shorts. LOL So people here is SoccerMom......

When The girl was little I would shop at a store called Please Mum, all the bright colours matched so if you had a little fashionista like The girl I could let her pick out her own super cute tops and bottoms and I never had to worry about the colours looking like she was trying to imitate a rainbow. It also helped her develop a sense of independence when it came to getting dressed.

So an important question popped into my head;
Who let the lady out of the house looking like a 5yr old who got dressed by Please Mum?

Why on this good green earth would a 50 something year old woman wear bright, bright, did I mention bright, yellow shorts in public??!! Now I am not talking sports wear I am talking bright shorts that one would put on their 3, 4, or 5 yr old straight from Please Mum only larger!

I am sure she thought she was all summery but I have to say the cars were confused as she stood near the corner do they follow the light at the top of the pole or the bottom?

I mean I know she probably meant well but; If you ever see me wearing bright yellow kid colour shorts please take me home immediately and make me change :o)


Barbara said...

Giggles, she must of lived a very bright life, and life is what you make it, hugs Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara that is so true, she was so happy!