Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breakfast At Hidden Haven

Buttons eating breakfast while sharing her sweet delightful milk.
Tinker has her bowl of dogfood mixed with milk and egg every morning.
 Precious waiting on Tinker and Butttons before eating her breakfast.
Chicken Little and the White gang chowing down.
Dudley Do Right and his hens having breakfast. Yes, that is a white rooster. He thought theirs looked better than his.
Elvis, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Ann Margret enjoying the morning. Demi and Dolly kinda stick to theirselves in the back lot.
Fred and Tessa sharing their meal.
John Henry Jr. watching over his ladies as they dine. The white rooster followed me on down to their pen and John Henry knows he doesn't belong.
The baby chicks eat so fast they don't even taste what they are eating.
Hickory Doo and his friends are very well mannered.
Tramp had his biscuit and is watching Wizard, Daniel, and the rose combs eat. He is happier with his feathered friends sharing his pen.
Polly has already buried her biscuit but is eating the slice of bread I gave her.
Smokey is pregnant and just nibbles in the mornings. She prefers eating around lunchtime.
Pandora prefers to eat her bread first then her rabbit food.
Porky is pregnant and think she is eating for 15 I guess as she always grabs the bread from my hand before I can place it in the cage. She eats the bread and her food in a matter of minutes.
Jack Sparrow likes his bread broken up for him and saves his rabbit food for later.
Oreo loves his bread and would eat it all day if given to him.
Rocky wants his morning head scratch before he dines.
What? you never seen a pig eat before? I get into my food.
Precious wondering whats so special about the pig food that makes everyone want to get into it.
Buttons stealing bread from my hand as I was trying to give it to a rabbit.
Dotty's baby piglets getting right into the food bowl as they eat breakfast. Dotty always saves them some of hers even though they have their own and still nurse.
That is some of what goes on around here at breakfast time. The noise is loud as each one calls to you to feed them first though they know the feed order and that it never changes. On the weekend its like they are more laid back and quiet. They wait patiently their turn without calling out to me. They seem to talk to me as I feed them and listen as I talk back to them. Breakfast for humans is more like a brunch since its so late but I love serving breakfast to my animal family and wouldn't have it any other way.


amelia said...

Beautiful Peggy!! You have quite the morning routine there!!

It looks as if they are all content and well fed. Nothing like a full tummy!!

Kent Island Red said...

Wow Peggy, must take you a long time to feed that gang. They all look like they appreciate Mom bringing them their breakfast tho.

Anonymous said...

These are just great pictures Peggy. It's fun to see everybody and learn their habits. Seems like bread is a favorite for many. I know you love them and they adore you. Have a good week.

lunamother said...

ha! looks like our house, including the poor people who wait till last to eat. the boys know they shouldn't expect breakfast anywhere before 10 or 11am.

Kelle said...

How fun, thanks for sharing your breakfasts with us. I especially enjoyed the pig photo. We love it when we get our feeder pigs, they are so entertaining :o)

Your chicken yards looks so neat and tidy, ours are full of chicken potholes*wink*

Thanks for sharing, your place is amazing.

Cathy M said...

That's qui8te a routine and it must be noisy. I have two cats and the meowing and calling for food gets very loud.