Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday J

Yesterday was grandson J's birthday. We celebrated his, Q's and H's birthday Saturday with a cookout. I still wanted to wish him a very happy birthday yesterday but this grandma got busy and forgot. Sorry J but it was good talking to you this evening on the phone. Can't believe how tall you are getting for 9 years old! J is the quiet one in the family. He is so quiet that the rest of the kids didn't realize he wasn't up, eating breakfast, or on the school bus one day last week. Melody was checking the house before leaving for work and found him still asleep in bed. She stays downstairs out of the way while they all get ready for school before going up to get ready for work so she didn't know he wasn't on the bus. LOL J is also on a wrestling team and does really well.He loves to fish, ride dirt bikes and of course play video games. I love it when I can get him to sit and talk about anything because he usually just listens and lets everyone else do the talking. Happy Birthday J!

The picture below is all of Melody's children. Z is 13, W is 15, J is 12, H is 14, and J turned 9 Monday.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday to the Quiet One.... What a neat little family.... Melody almost had one after the other for awhile.... What good-looking children... I know you are a very proud Grandmother, Peggy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wishes J! Peggy, this is a great photo of the grands. What blessings they are!

Granny J said...

Happy Birthday J. You have a great looking group of grands there. Hope things are going as well as can be expected for C and W.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice post about your grandson.

PEA said...

He's quiet just like his grandma, right? lololololol :-)~ Happy Birthday to J, he sounds like a wonderful boy. That's too funny about his mom finding him still asleep one morning...he needs to start making more noise! lol Love that picture, Melody has a beautiful family. Love ya sis. xoxo

JoyceAnn said...

Happy Birthday J !! It's o.k. to be the quiet one , you learn alot from listening. I'm was the quiet kid around my house when I was young.

Beautiful grands , Peggy. I know you're proud of each and every one of them.

~ Birthday Blessings ~

DayPhoto said...

What a lovely post! Happy BIRTHDAY j!!!