Friday, September 17, 2010

Where The Heck Is Fall?

We have broken records for having the most days in the 90's. The last time it was this hot for this long was in 2007 and we broke that record. We are suppose to be having 80's during the day and low 50's at night. Suppose to but NOT. I am so ready to go back to the mountains where it was nice and cool and I slept under a blanket and quilt. In case some of you didn't know by now I am not a summer person. The colder the better I say. You can always add more clothing to stay warm but you can only take so much off to get cooler before you get arrested! I rode with William to Raleigh today. He was going to see a guy that lived in a apartment right down town. I haven't been downtown Raleigh since the 70's and I haven't missed much. It is still bumper to bumper, accidents causing traffic to come to a standstill, everyone in a rush, and no open spaces. How do they breathe? Everyone and everything is on top of each other. Fayetteville is a large city but at least its spread out and more open. I guess besides not being a summer person I am not a city person either. We live right on the city limit and county line so I am not exactly out in the boonies. Feels like it though as there is a swamp behind me and woods all around. Have close neighbors but still plenty of room between us to breathe and enjoy homesteading. So Raleigh you may be my state capital but there is no reason for me to visit you again for another 40 years (well at least the downtown part as you have some nice neighborhoods on the outskirts).

One good and funny thing happened on the way home. I was telling William we needed to get hay for the goats and he said he would pick some up on the way home. About 5 minutes later on the side of the interstate was a bale of hay. It had fell off someones truck. Of course we went down the road a couple of miles, turned around and went back the other way a couple of miles and turned back in the right direction and picked it up.

I told William I didn't think he meant he was going to pick up hay for the goats that way! So a free bale of nice hay was worth a trip to the big city but next time I think I will just go buy hay. You have a blessed night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
I am looking for fall too. LOL It has been an extra hot summer in Texas. If you find fall please send me a little.:)

Granny J said...

I understand what you're saying about the city. I live way on the outskirts but still would rather be ten miles outside the city. When we lived in the mountains we were 45 miles from the nearest grocery store and 65 miles from the nearest Walmart. I loved it.

Our weather finally cooled down. It was a high of 72ยบ today. We had the doors and windows open for the first time since late May.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You and William are just the two most lucky people in the world... That bale of hay was there JUST for you....Hallelujah!!!!

Our weather man tonight said that we are going to have at least one more entire week of temps in the 90's. GADS---I hate it.... Where's Fall????? Geeeeesh...

Have a good weekend anyhow.

amelia said...

We have a lot cooler temps now. Down to 4 at night which is wonderful to have the windows open and snuggle under the covers.

Congrats on finding the hay!! Every little bit helps!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Hay! "Ask and it shall be granted unto you." Free manna from Heaven."

You are well aware that from myself and my neighbour Amelia that the cool of autumn has arrived here. I am willing it your way.

Anonymous said...

Give me the quiet, country life too Peggy! That is funny about the you never thought you would find it there!!!
Blessings to you and William this weekend.

Kelle said...

Love the hay story! Their loss was your gain*wink*

You're looking for fall for an entirely different reason than we are but maybe if we both pray and look hard enough we'll each get some, LOL!!!

We only had a handful of days hit the mid to high 90'sF this entire summer and only two hit 100F exactly. Tyoically August is our 100's month, but not for the past two summer now*YIKES*

Blessings for your day,

Denise said...

Hi Peggy,
Wish I could box up some Fall temps and send them to you, we have certainly been having early Fall stuff.

Enjoy your Sunday.

PEA said...

Sis, I wish I could send you some of our cooler temps, we actually had frost two mornings in a row. People actually had to scrape the frost off their car windshields leaving for work. It's been in the 40's and 50's mostly the last two weeks and I'm really enjoying it:-) The leaves have now started to change colours so Fall has definitely found its way here.

That is too funny about the bale of hay that you found on the side of the road! I'm like you, I could never live in a big city, especially in an apartment. xoxo