Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Growing Up

Sister's babies are growing up. The story about the loss of Sister and how her chicks hatched can be found HERE.  There is one white chick that looks and acts just like her mom so I have named her "Sis" and since the other white one is a little rooster I have named him "Ter". Get it? Sis and Ter. Yeah, I need therapy. The other two chicks are from eggs Sister stole to sit on and both are little feather footed roosters. One is named Bugs after a chicken William raised years ago and the other is named Bully for a good reason. They are so much fun to watch. I leave the door to their pen open and they go out exploring until a leaf or acorn falls from the sky, then they are truly chicken and run back to the pen to hide. They scold me when I go out to feed and follow me around until I get to their food bowl. Sis is the sweet one except when it comes to messing with her brothers. She will fly in your face and peck at you to keep you from picking one of them up, yet she loves to be picked up. I sure miss Sister but its such a pleasure seeing her live on in her chicks. The sad things in life seem to somehow have some wonderful blessings come from it.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, You are just so creative... Love the two names, Sis and Ter..... Glad Sis is like her Mom... That's neat!!!!!

I always love the names you choose.


Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Those babies are growing up so fast! Glad you got one (ever so slightly protective) girly-girl from the brood :)

Granny J said...

I love reading about your farm critters. Glad Sis and Ter are doing well.

Kelly said...

Peggy, It looks like Sis will be a great setter too just like her mom. I love the farm and it's growth. Babies are such a great addition.

Kent Island Red said...

They do grow up fast, don't they? They're all beautiful but I think Sis is my favorite.

amelia said...

That's so funny about the chicks running back to the coop when an acorn falls!! I guess that's where the 'chicken' in being scared comes from!! Too funny!!

I hope you will have another Sister in Sis.

Sandra said...

There are some who think pumpkins are an excellent de-wormer. Not sure if any studies support the theory but the animals still enjoy the pumpkins so why not? -smile-

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ They're so precious , Sis and Ter are great names. Sounds like she is a lot like her mother , very protective.

~ Be Blessed ~

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Chickens are fascinating. I keep telling my friend Lynne she should have some in her suburban garden and challenge the bylaw against it. Urban farming is taking hold here.
I might even join her around her pool and hot tube it there were a few critters to amuse us. So far only Heidi is welcome although I have my doubts as we have yet arranged to transport her to the big city. Is there stalling going on?

DayPhoto said...

I enjoy my chickens so much..I really think they act just like people.


Lib said...

Love your HOMESTEADING Stories:o)
HAve a great wk.end.
Snow in the mtns. here.