Friday, November 05, 2010

It has been a busy week. Along with having a stomach bug keeping me dragging we have been trying to get all the animals ready for old man winter. Making sure they have warm dry places to sleep and plenty of room to move around when its too wet or cold to be out in the open. Cleaning and filling the laying boxes with fresh straw, cleaning and filling the rabbit nesting boxes for the rabbits due to deliver next week.and getting hay for the goats to munch on. Getting the hay was a nice surprise. We went on Craigs list to see who had hay for sale close by and saw a ad for 8 bales of hay for free. William called and made arrangements for  us to pick it up and when he googled the addess he told me it was the same lady (Rebbeca) that gave us the goats and bunnies. I thought it might be a neighbor or someone on the same road. but I was wrong. She and I were surprised and happy to see each other. I caught her up on all the goat and bunny stories and she told me about her horses and the new stable she is building. The hay was some the horses couldn't eat so we were very blessed to get free hay and to see Rebecca again to update about the goats.

We are finally getting a freeze tomorrow night so I picked all the things left in the gardens. Lots of green tomatoes, peppers, carrots, herbs, and even some okra. Time to put the garden to bed for the winter. As I rake the leaves I will dump them in the gardens to cover it for winter and then we can just till them into the garden next spring. We brought the house plants back inside today and stacked some wood. We have plenty of wood for winter we just need to split and stack it. I am trying to deep clean a room at a time and declutter even more. For some reason having lots of things sitting around make me feel overwhelmed. I want to get the house to be more open and comfortable. The girls will be coming the first weekend in December for our annual family Christmas weekend and I have boxes waiting for them to take home. Things I think they will enjoy and bring back memories and that way I get to declutter and they get to enjoy and can pass on to their children.

The hens are back to laying good. The hot then cold weather had them off somewhat and eggs were few and far between. But now things are back to normal with the cold weather finally here.
Hope you have a blessed weekend and stay warm!

Lay those eggs girls! Don't worry there is room for all of you!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Sorry to hear you have had the bug... Lots of people seem to have had it this Fall. NO FUN!!!

I always worry about the critters when the weather turns so cold... You all do such a good job providing for yours...

Have a nice weekend --and please stay warm.

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Same here (minus the bug)--preparing for the cold both inside and out. I love Fall Clean-up and it's more fun with the hens this year.

judypatooote said...

I know Peggy that you work so hard doing ALL that you do, but I envy you...If in my next life (you never know, maybe) I would first wish to be a photographer, and second I would wish for my husband and I to live your life...even as hard as I'm sure it is, it sound fabulous to Jim would have loved it. And I would be snapping up pictures of all those cute goats and animals...I love animals so much...any kind, and looking in their eyes I always wonder what they are thinking....but it's probably best I don't know....LOL
I hope your bug has left you...

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Sorry to hear you've been sick. That's great that you got to see and update Rebecca and get free hay! I love that last photo of the coop! I hope you'll feel better this weekend. John and I have had colds all week but are beginning to feel better.

Verde Farm said...

Hi Peggy, sounds like you all have been busy and the stomach bug on top of that is no fun. How wonderful that Rebecca seems to be a special person and that is great. I would love to find some free hay :) What kind of rabbits are you having? I want to get some lionheads but haven't found any just yet.
Happy Saturday,

amelia said...

I missed this post, don't know how!!

I hope your bug has left you. You of all people don't need it and it's so very debilitating. I'm sure all your animals will be snug and warm for the winter, they have a wonderful mum who takes good care of them.

Great news about the hay!!