Friday, December 17, 2010

Hidden Haven Christmas...Part Two

 (Part one below this post)
With a little fear of Santa, Buttons ate the tree quick,
What can we do? It's almost time for St. Nick!
Then as quick as a flash a plan to Wizard came.

So he whistled and gobbled and called them by name,
Now Rusty, now Kuma, now Porky,

 Now Tessa and Baby

On Killer,

On Gertrude, On Whiskers
And Haylie.

Run to the porch, hop on the shelf
Push the tree down, I'll catch it myself.

Kuma is to keep everyone's attention inside of the house,
But ended up falling asleep on the couch.

 So up to the porch the chickens flew,
with the rabbits, and turkeys, geese, and pigs too!
Then in a twinkling Cinnamon was up on the shelf.
I'll save Christmas she said to herself.

As she turned her head and was turning around,
Down the Christmas tree came with a bound.

The tree was all decorated from its head to its foot,
but now it was all covered in dirt and in soot.
 The clock was ticking and the animals were worried,
If they didn't get a tree for the barn all their Christmas dreams would be buried.
Rusty's eyes, how they twinkled. His dimples how merry.
He had a plan he told them
But we all needed to hurry.
His droll little mouth was drawn in a bow,
as the garden cart he started to tow.

The cart held the tree in a tight little spot,
and all the animals pushed so hard they got hot!
But Wizard with his big round belly,
Was laughing so hard it shook like a bowl for of jelly.

He was chubby and plump and looked like a elf.
So we all laughed too in spite of ourself.
Rusty was still very determined to haul,
That little Christmas tree to the goat stall.
He spoke not a word and went straight to his work,
He pulled that garden cart without one jerk.
Then bumping the tree with his nose,
Up on the block the Christmas tree rose.

  He jumped up from the dirt,
to the others he did  say,
Thanks to all our hard work,
Christmas was saved today.
As Rusty started walking out of sight,
He turned to say,



Anonymous said...

How cute Peggy ~ I really enjoyed this. Hope you have a great weekend.

amelia said...

Peggy, you really have missed your calling! It's amazing how you put all those words together!! You are one talented lady! :)

My kids are here as of today and leaving on Tuesday so I won't be computering for a few days!!
(My son would cry to see that word!)

Lib said...

Love it! Too cute!
Have agreat wkend!
We've had snow and an ice storm this wk.

Rita said...

I think Kuma might be part Shiba Inu. Sure looks a lot like my McKenna. They are good dogs.
Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How precious!!!!! Loved it Peggy... You are just so creative! I could never do that... It's truly a gift you have.

Did you get some snow? IF that header is new, then you DID. I hope you did ---and wouldn't it be great if we all have a White Christmas.....

Merry Christmas.

Granny J said...

What a delightful post. Grampy and I are sitting here enjoying the pictures.

Jo said...

This needs to be made into a book. It is a Night Before Christmas of the time. Can you tell that I loved it? Have a wonderful day Peggy.

Michelle said...

It's so sweet how much you love your animals. They all look adorable.

JoyceAnn said...

Enjoyed reading the " Night Before Christmas at Hidden Haven ". The animals look so cute in their hats , wonder how my critters would like dressing up for Christmas.

~ Holiday Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

It no more than reserve

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
Too cute. Have a Very Merry Christmas.

DayPhoto said...

DELIGHTFUL! Peggy you are the talented person!


Jackie said...

These pictures are every bit as adorable as part one! The props were awesome!