Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Not A Creature Was Stirring

The house is all quiet. No toys, shoes, jackets, laying around. No kids running in and out the door. No one sitting around the table eating, laughing and talking. No babies to hold. No teenagers to tease. No kids to play scrabble or watch  movies with. Our family Christmas weekend was lots of fun. The only bad thing is its all over. I sure do miss the noise and excitement. Hopefully one day we will all live closer together so we can visit each other more often. Maggie and her family were unable to come this weekend because Brannon (her husband had to work). Lisa had her son's birthday party on Saturday so will be down next weekend. Ray and family had their son's wrestling tournament and weren't able to make it. Next year everyone voted to have family Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. That way we will have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. That will give us lots of time together and also means a bigger, harder treasure hunt to plan!  It was still a very wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every minute.. even the teasing, bickering, and craziness at times. I will take family time anyway I can get it. Having Baby E and Brother J made it even more fun. Nothing makes Christmas magical more than little ones.  Joseph and Melody are blessed to have them back with them indefinitely. Joseph and William cooked a big country breakfast Saturday morning. William and I set up the treasure hunt while everyone watched a movie. The treasure hunt was a blast. I loved seeing the big kids getting help from the younger ones when they were stumped. I loved seeing them not read the whole clue and end up at the wrong spot wondering why they couldn't find the next clue. The bonfire was awesome. Sitting around laughing and talking even when it started sleeting. Having our friend Gerda share the day with us was very special. The HUGE Christmas dinner was good. I have plenty of leftovers even after sharing lots. Our dirty Santa was fun with plans on some changes for next year. Our traditional red and green pancake breakfast was made by Megan and William. It was yummy. I had lots of grands helping with the feeding and watering of animals. The animals loved the extra attention and I loved the helping hands. As I find little things left behind my heart aches for my wonderful crazy family. God truly blessed me with the perfect family.  Sharing some photos of Baby E finding grandma's snack box.


Denise said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I really like how you have some fun traditions for your family get together. Right now our family is "in between" the boys are grown but none are married or have children so it is almost too quiet.

amelia said...

This almost made me cry. I know how empty it is when they've all gone. I told my hubby that it's so heartbreaking when they go that it's almost not worth having them come. I know I struggle to hold back the tears at the gate when they leave. It just kills me.

I hope you all get together again soon.

Granny J said...

I love the pictures of Baby E and the snack box. It looks as if she already has Grandma trained. lol

Lib said...

Love hearing about your Christmas!
Its too quite when they all leave!
Thankgiving next yr. is a Great idea.
Love Babay E in the snack box. Kids loves boxes huh? At that age seems all the need is a box. lol
Have a great wk.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm just so envious, Peggy, of your big family... How neat would it be to have so many family members together for such fun... Having it over Thanksgiving next year is even better since you will have more days together... Great idea...

I know you are tired ---but just think about all of the memories you have!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Marci said...

What great pictures. HOW precious she is.

Connie said...

Love reading and seeing pictures of your family Christmas. I know all had a good time with you in charge. Rest yourself, my friend, you have earned it.