Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Sun Is Going Down

Things are winding down around the homestead. This morning while we were feeding and watering "H" was playing in what snow is left and pulling the wagon around. Every once in a bit he would get it stuck. The neighborhood could tell when that happened by the big loud scream for Pop Pop. Pop Pop will stop whatever he is doing to help H in his adventures. I am a more firm grandma. Don't get me wrong. We sit in the floor and play cars, read books, etc but if I am busy I don't stop unless something is really wrong. I tell him I am busy and he will have to wait or try to figure whatever it is himself. It didn't take H long to know this and also know Pop Pop will come so he gets his wagon stuck and without trying to get it unstuck he screams for help. When its just  H and I he somehow figures out what to do on his own. This afternoon I was feeding and H was pulling the wagon around. I heard him arguing with himself. First he would say "No you can't , then he would say "yes, you can". I got a chuckle out of that. He got the wagon going and was off on his adventure. He likes to help dust and help in the kitchen but doesn't like picking up his toys. I just had to tell him that unless he picked up his toys he couldn't help me and off he went. All toys put away and eager hands ready to help wash silverware. H is very creative and can play by himself with no problem. He will tell me all about his games as if they were real life adventures. When I sit down to do paperwork or get on the computer H usually sits in the little rocking chair in the livingroom with me. He will watch a movie ( he has yet to see one all the way through) or he will play on his toy laptop. I may get tired trying to keep up with all his energy but I am really enjoying having him visit. His favorite chore is opening the door to let Rusty and Kuma in or out of the house. He always makes sure to tell me he is making them go potty or letting them back in cause they were good and went potty.
The inside Christmas decorations are all taken down and put away. I still have the outside ones to take care of but with such warm temps this weekend it will be the perfect time for H and I to tackle that chore. Working on my grocery list. We grocery shop once a month and I love to try to see how low I can get the total cost. With all the canning and freezing I did this summer and fall and the produce my friend gives us its not too hard to lower it each month. Also with the new year arriving there are projects we are working on we want to finish and projects we haven't started yet that we want to get going. Each morning I wake up I give thanks for the blessings of a new day and then my feet hit the floor and the day starts. Some days never go according to plans and other days find me surprised at how much was accomplished. The to do list will never, ever be completed but I enjoy seeing things marked off as the day comes to a close. I love to settle down by the fire with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and think over the day and plan in my mind for tomorrow. Whatever was or wasn't done, whatever plans for tomorrow are I am just thankful for being able to relax and think about it. Have a very blessed evening!


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Found you through our mutual love of goats!

What a lovely and wonderful read!
Have a bright New Year and keep writing!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a wonderful opportunity you have had --getting to keep your grandson this week, Peggy. As tired as he can make you, he seems to be JOY to have around. AND--they all grow up so fast... Enjoy him now!!!!

I'm like you... I try to save us money on groceries any way I can.. Today we went to 3 different stores--looking for their specials. It takes all morning-but it's definitely worth it.

If Little H stayed much longer, I'm sure that Pop Pop would learn to not come every time he calls... ha ha

Have a very Happy New Year, Peggy.

Lib said...

Little ones Learn quick who they can wrap around their finger huh? lol Little Shadow has to pick up her toys with me, but with DH she can give him every excuse for him to help her. lol

We're able to keep our food cost down with all the Blessins from our Harvest, so Thankful fo that!

Have all but 1 little tree put away , using it for a Valentine's day tree.
Have agreat evening!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have little H to fill your days with joy & laughter. He is going to have a love for animals just like you. Enjoy your time together Peggy.

amelia said...

All our decorations are gone except for the outside lights which I like to keep up till it gets lighter in the evening!! They are few so we don't attract too much attention and there's not many people here anyway.

Enjoy your little grandson because he won't be little for long!! Make plans to have a good rest when he's gone! HA HA HA what am I saying!!!


H cracks me up. What a smart little thing. I know how much tiring fun they can be! I am glad you are enjoying H!

Granny said...

I love reading about little H and his antics. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he goes home and hear him telling all about what he did during his stay at your house. Bet it will be pricelss.

Michelle said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2011! Peace, Love, Health and Happiness for the New Year!

Jackie said...

HA! Pop Pop is ptty in his little hands and H knows it! Enjoy your New Years Eve!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years Dear Friend,

Kelly said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Yes, they know exactly who to go to with the commands. Happy New Year!

PEA said...

"Here's to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold."

Happy New Year sis!! I'm finally back to blogging and let's hope that I can be more consistent with it again. It's had to take a back seat these past few months. I've read your posts I had missed and I had to smile when I read that you're taking care of your 3 year old grand for a couple of doubt grandma goes to bed exhausted each night! hehe

Glad you finally got some snow:-) We've only had the one snowfall that's stayed on the ground but now it's been raining the last two days so it's really melting fast. We can see more grass than snow now. Such strange weather patterns everywhere!

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2011 has to offer. Love you sis. xoxoxo

Sandra said...

Sitting by the fire with a cup of very decadent. No matter about the list, it's the simple pleasures that we remember in was like, the most profound thing I've ever written!