Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pugs, Wood, Birds, and Snow

We still have snow and ice though the main roads are clear and dry. I am enjoying slipping and sliding each time I go out to care for the animals or fill the bird feeders. I am filling the feeders twice a day now. Where it seemed all the birds had disappeared they are all back and brought their friends and family with them. It looks like a waiting line for a table at a restaurant the way all those birds were acting around the feeders.  Pugs is doing great. She doesn't seem affected from her mom not wanting her. Her siblings are doing really well with their mom so guess there was a reason she didn't want Pugs.Pugs meets me at the door to her cage and starts climbing all over my hand. She loves to be played with but doesn't like to be held and given her bottle. I think she is trying to wean herself but I want her to keep nursing a little longer. She is eating rabbit pellets, alfalfa, whole wheat bread crumbs, and all types of green veggies. Her name should really be bottomless pit as she is never full! I let her walk around and explore some after she has her bottle. For such a tiny 3 week old bunny she sure can get into a lot.

I think Pugs is going to grow up not knowing she is a rabbit.

I have been looking and dreaming my way through all the seed catalogs. That is one of the best parts of winter. You can sit by the fire with plans and dreams of spring gardens and change them a thousand times before its time to order the seeds. I am going to be growing and hopefully selling herb plants this year. I did well on what I grew for myself so want to add more herbs and see how the plants sell. Planning more gardens this year also. I get tired just planning them! Think that's why I love winter so much. The cold winds and snow make everything so peaceful and also slow the pace down abit around the homestead. I have a little more time to sit and enjoy things where the other seasons seem to have me hopping. We have been busy the past week splitting and delivering firewood. With all the bad weather selling firewood has kept me from sitting too long.. We are very blessed to have the extra wood to sell and I have been very blessed with a few beautiful, peaceful snow days. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to count those blessings!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I haven't heard from you in over a week --so I was beginning to get worried... Glad to hear from you today.. I know that you all got alot of snow --so I'm sure that that makes taking care of all of the animals quite hard...

We have had lots of snow also ---off and on all week long... Today, for the first time in a long time, the sun came out for awhile. How glorious was that!!!!

Take care and stay WARM and enjoy those seed catalogs.

Granny said...

Awe, Pug is adorable. He'll grow up thinking he's H's cousin. lol I'm glad you are able to make some extra income selling firewood. It's always good to have extra money coming in because sure as heck, there will be an unexpected bill come along. Please take care while you're doing all that slipping and sliding. Don't want you getting hurt.

Stay warm.

Hopeful said...

so glad pugs is doing so well! one spoiled rabbit, for sure. have fun choosing your seeds - i love going through and picking them out. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Pugs is cute!


PEA said...

You'll have to wear skates when you go take care of the animals! hehe Glad you got the snow you'd been wanting:-) We don't have much snow at all, you can see grass here and there. It's 3F right now so it's too darn cold to snow! lol

Pugs is so precious and seems to have quite the little character already! Heartwarming, though, to know that she's survived thanks to you:-) Love you sis. xoxox

amelia said...

I'm so happy you have wood to sell. No one has any here, it's so cold that people are running out!! My hubby said last night that we could run out too and it's really hard to pull it out of the bush at this time of the year, unless you have the proper equipment!

I'm so happy little Pug is OK. Will you keep him?

Jackie said...

AWwwwww,Peggy....Pugs is a doll! The same color of that blue-gray as my kitten! Yeah....winter can sometimes force us to slow down and just be cozy. Love those cozy times, and miss my big olr fireplace I used to have.bayou lady/Jackie

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am glad you have some snow to enjoy, as I know it brings delight to you. You may have as much as we have. What we do have will stay and hopefully more will fall soon.
We do not get lake effect snow storms here. The big snow is north and south of us. Some areas of Southern Ontario have snow that is 3 to 4 feet deep.

It is a marvel at how rabbits grow. What starts the size of a man's thumb in three weeks is a hand full. They are so cute. Food should not come in such a cute form. This one has won your heart and will end up a house pet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
I love seed catalogs. I got a real pretty one.Bontanical Interest. Have you seen it?
Stay warm.

melissa said...

I read this post for all the wrong reasons. We have 2 pugs...the dogs. Thought you had a new puppy dog! :)

Btw, the Vicks on the bottoms of feet, does help stop the coughs! Thanks again!

Julze said...

aww...Pugs is such a cutie! My kids would have loved our bunnies to have had babies.

God bless!
Julia (New Zealand)

JoyceAnn said...

We still have snow and to much ice on the path to the chicken coop and I'm not enjoying the slipping and sliding (LOL).
Pugs is mighty cute. I still want a bunny but life keeps getting in the way and just can't find time to visit.
I'm thinking about starting some broccoli , cabbage and other cold weather seeds soon. I hope to grow more herbs this year too.
I've been using the dried wild onions in many dishes, they're delish. Thanks for sharing that idea with me.

~ Be Blessed ~

Lib said...

Pugs is so Precious!
I enjoy the slower pace of winter, after I recharge Im ready for Spring! News is saying Feb. temps above average so may have an early spring!
Like you I try daily to count my Blessings!
Have agreat wkend!

DayPhoto said...

What a cute bunnie! I must say all of your animals have just the best of life. They have YOU!


Sandra said...

I'm missing sitting by the fire and going through seed catalogs. By the time I get home, time will have shortened so I'll have to scurry up and get 'er done -grin-.