Sunday, July 24, 2005

I have a sliding screen door on the outside of the french doors going out on the deck. Whiskers, Dimples and Precious (when she chooses to grace us with her presence) can slide it open with their paw. I went into the livingroom yesterday to sort and throw away only to find a beautiful cat that wasn't mine sitting in the window. I also have the neighbors cat coming inside to eat each morning and evening. Today I came down the hall from putting some things away to find a smokey gray cat eating at the cats feeder. I think my cats get the word out to all the other cats in the neighborhood to open the door and come on in! The automatic feeder is full so guess all that is left for me to do is make them some catnip tea. I always wanted to have a tea party.


Jamie Dawn said...

You've got some pretty smart cats there in NC!

Donna said...

Time for a "Cat Cafe" sign above your screen door.